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Tips to keep health goals during the holiday season

Tips to keep health goals during the holiday season

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – One of the highlights of the holiday season is all of the delicious food. It can be hard to find a balance between enjoying everything and staying on top of your health goals.

“It is important to not be restrictive, not deprive yourself of things that are important to you, traditions with your family,” said Dr. Cyrus Hajiran with Valley Health.

Hajiran says balance is important this time of year when it can be hard to balance the foods you love and staying on track with your health, whether your goal is weight loss or just being more mindful.

“Everything in moderation, so nothing’s off limits,” he said. “It’s important to do things in a measured type of approach.”

Hajiran recommends breaking it down as before, during, and after holiday meals. Before the meal, he recommends treating it like a regular day.

“One common misconception people might try is limiting what they eat to build up a bank of a caloric deficit so they can go into the meal and have whatever they want,” he said.

That approach can lead to overeating. During the meal, Hajiran says to aim for a balanced plate.

“Trying to fill up half of your plate with green, leafy vegetables, or just some type of vegetables,” he said. “It also helps to think about filling your plate with as much color as possible.”

It’s important to remember, the rich foods and treats don’t need to be avoided entirely. Enjoying these things play a significant role in our mental health.

“It’s ok to go for your treats and pies and cookies and what not, just not making that thee main portion of your plate,” Hajiran said.

Making sure you’re hydrated and taking your time with your meals can also prevent you from getting too full.