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Janelle Brown on Garrison’s Mental Health Before His Death

Janelle Brown on Garrison’s Mental Health Before His Death

Janelle Brown was admittedly worried about her son Robert Garrison Brown’s mental health months before he died by suicide on Tuesday, March 5. On an episode of Sister Wives in October 2023, the TLC star opened up about her concerns for Garrison and his brother Gabriel Brown amid their feud with dad Kody Brown.

“I have worried about my boys’ mental health,” Janelle, 54, said. “Gabriel feels everything very, very deeply. But he’s also the kid who doesn’t say anything. [Garrison] just seems angry or sadder, like, he’s not as happy-go-lucky as he used to be.”

The Flagstaff Police Department in Arizona confirmed to In Touch that Garrison, who was 25 years old, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Although they ended their relationship in 2022, Janelle and Kody, 55, released a joint statement about the tragic passing of their son.

“Kody and I are deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy Robert Garrison Brown,” Janelle wrote on Instagram. “He was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him. His loss will leave such a big hole in our lives that it takes our breath away. We ask that you please respect our privacy and join us in honoring his memory.”

Garrison was estranged from Kody at the time of his death. His and Gabe’s relationship with the family patriarch became strained amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as they disagreed over what guidelines to follow. “Me and Garrison are at odds with my dad because when we expressed our discontent at how things were going with COVID, I was just met with a wall,” Gabe, 22, explained on Sister Wives. “And there was no line of dialogue. I think that that is what really drove the wedge between us.”

Kody discussed the feud on a November 2023 episode of Sister Wives, where he admitted that he “hadn’t been in touch” with his sons “for quite a while.” He added, “I’m pretty sad that I’m not close [to them] anymore.”

In addition to their feelings about Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules, Gabriel and Garrison were also frustrated by how much time their father was spending with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and her kids. “They have, for a long time, perceived that Kody’s focus, you know … his time, everything … was spent, the majority at Robyn’s house, even when we lived in Vegas,” Janelle explained in 2022. She also said, “They feel like there’s been a real preference for Robyn. And so, this thing with COVID now – where he’s at her house because she’s willing to follow his rules – they are a little bit suspicious.”

Robyn, 45 is the only wife still married to Kody, as his marriages to Christine Brown and Meri Brown ended in 2021 and 2023, respectively.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).