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Holiday Diet Tips to Ignore — Nomadista Nutrition

Holiday Diet Tips to Ignore — Nomadista Nutrition

5 Holiday Diet Tips to Ignore

Skip Meals To ‘Save Up For Later’

Skipping meals will only lead you to feel hangry and out of control around food once it’s finally time to eat. I recommend starting the day with a high-protein breakfast to stabilize energy and blood sugar levels.

Do A Cleanse In Between Thanksgiving And Christmas

Not only do cleanses not work (you have a liver and kidney for that), they can actually be harmful! Many “cleanse” programs and products are filled with high amounts of caffeine and even laxatives that can lead to dehydration and nutrient deficiency. If you feel you overdid it at a meal, sip on some ginger tea and go for a nice walk instead.

Only Allow Yourself 2 Bites Of Dessert

Not only is this rule unrealistic to follow, but it can actually lead to a desire to binge on dessert later. Instead, try to mindfully and slowly eat dessert, tuning into your fullness cues to assess what amount feels best. Remember, you can always save more for later!

Count Calories To Control Portions

Nothing is more stressful than trying to calculate the macros on your aunt’s homemade Thanksgiving sides. Instead of stressing about calories and macros, focus on mindful eating and gratitude for the food you are given.

Use Exercise To ‘Earn Your Food’

Even if you don’t exercise, your body still needs fuel to function. There is nothing wrong with getting in a workout if it feels good for you, BUT you don’t need to add in extra cardio you hate to make up for one indulgent meal. One meal won’t make or break your fitness progress.