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My Favorite Non-Toxic Kids Products

My Favorite Non-Toxic Kids Products

My Favorite Non-Toxic Kids Products

It’s time to make a make a list my friends, of some of my favorite non-toxic, cleaner kids products. Because if you’re anything like me, once you start getting educated about food (and knowing the difference between real food vs everything else out there), well— it’s shocking.

Once you start to read the actual ingredient labels on your food (aka, how you tell if something is or isn’t real food),  you realize how much ***stuff*** in hiding in these food products that we never really thought about.

And once you see it, it’s hard to unsee.

Usually food is the first stop on this  train—- but after a while, it’s very normal to start looking at all the other products in your life too. Household stuff, cleaning stuff, skincare, makeup, personal care products, and if you have kids— like watch out. It takes the mama-bear instinct in all of us to the next level— like, what in the world is in the stuff our kids use?

Because kids systems are newer and in the sensitive development stage, it’s even more important to protect their little bodies. So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite products and brands that I’ve found along the way– many of which I also use myself because #efficiency, ya know?

So many of these options are the same price point at the conventional products, and would be such easy swaps to make over time as you’re able to (or as your current ones run out). As parents I always think of ourselves as the protectors of our kids bodies— we are the gatekeepers that get to decide what we’re allowing into their systems and cells and into their daily lives.

And sticking with the things that are cleaner, more simple, less toxic, and more back to the body’s innate wisdom of things– I think, the  better. They’re little tiny swaps and decisions, but they absolutely add up over time to our overall toxic load.

Your little ones’ genes, immune systems, and the health of their cells and bodies will one day thank you:

Favorite Non-Toxic Kids Products

This baby balm – this is our family’s version of windex (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding— anyone? anyone? lol). But for real, this balm saves us weekly– whether it’s diaper rash, cuts, burns, sunburns, dry skin, or for an eye cream for mama  or tik-tok’s version of slugging before you go to sleep (yes I’m serious, it’s the best), this product lasts forever, and has ingredients you can truly trust for newborns up to any age. 

Baby & kids bubble bath– making bath time a little extra fun doesn’t have to mean adding loads of chemicals to your kids sensitive skin. This brand works great. 

The baby kit–– including the baby oil, baby bar soap and baby powder– all with ingredients so clean you could eat. And they each last forever. There is SO MUCH stuff in most of these conventional products, and these are such beautiful options, with zero downsides to them.

Active repair spray for cuts- a great alternative to neosporin or alcohol for those inevitable boo boos. This is non stinging, and we call it the special magical healing spray 🙂 

Simple Modern Stainless steel waterbottles– the best waterbottles I’ve found so far, that  are stainless steel, BPA free, go in the dishwasher and the parts are super easy to clean. 

Noah’s hair gel/cream– this brand of natural styling balm/cream is where it’s at. Noah loves going to the hair salon (our bathroom) before school days. It’s not a super long slick hold, more of a pomade style, with a light scent that’s not overpowering for his sensitive mama. They also have a hair detangler, and a curl tamer too. 

Cleaning spray–The  thrive market brand Rosey is one of my favorites, in lemon. They make the house smell amazing and work well even on our marble countertops. And made with real essential oils vs the more dangerous fake fragrances in most conventional cleaning products. 

Laundry detergent-  we love and use the thrive market brand, branch basics brand (I love the kit that you can pour into all 7 styles of cleaning bottles), and the  Seventh Generation fragrance free, free and clear brand. I tend to buy whatever is on sale between the three and rotate. I always choose unscented here (and if you want and crave a scent, adding a drop of essential oil is a easy, non-toxic way to do it!)

Puracy stain remover for clothes– can I say another vote for most used kid product in our house?! This stuff is actually magic, there is nothing it cant get out, especially when you spray it right away. Yes, even baby blowouts, pasta sauce, watermelon stains and avocado stains too. I buy this in bulk. 

Puracy carpet stain remover- another great add to my non toxic cleaning collection– bc kids, ya know?!

Dr Bronners Baby soap, unscented– the soap we use for bathtime…. and not everyday. just a tiny bit every few days is all ya need (baby and kids’s skin can get easily stripped of it’s oils from soaps so less is actually way better. We bathe them nightly, but soap 1-2x/ week. I also always take a travel bottle with me whenever we travel for shower/baths and laundry in a pinch!

Babo baby sunscreen– with the spray pump bottle. I use this for June and it’s my favorite. They also have a stick as well for quick outings. 

Pipette mineral 50 sunscreen– I love this one for my kids….. but mostly for me 🙂 It does get liquidy so it’s super easy to spread, but just a warning you gotta open and close it quick!

Genexa infant or kids pain reliever (acetominaphen without the dyes and colorings in infant/kids tylenol)– my friend Kate Eskuri told me about this and I am all in. Basically regular medicine, but without the dyes and colorings and additives in conventional kids/babies brands. And not expensive! Such a great one to have on hand for those situations where it’s truly needed. They also have a cleaner allergy medicine too.  

Dr Brite coconut oil fluoride-free toothpaste- fav kids toothpaste, without a ton of stuff in it!

Smarty Pants multivitamin with fiber gummies— one of the only kids brands of vitamins I’ve seen that uses methlyated b-vitamins = so great. We use these as a reward in our house (after cleaning your room) and it feels like a win on both sides. 

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photo by Carina Skrobecki