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ERPHealth Acquires Manifesto, Expanding its Behavioral Health Outcome Tracking Platform to include Peer Support and Health Coaching.

ERPHealth Acquires Manifesto, Expanding its Behavioral Health Outcome Tracking Platform to include Peer Support and Health Coaching.

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ERPHealth, a leading innovator in outcome tracking technology, proudly announces its latest strategic move to revolutionize the field of behavioral health. Today marks a groundbreaking milestone as the company has successfully acquired Manifesto, a comprehensive, evidence-based peer support and health coaching platform, solidifying its position as a best-in-class end-to-end outcome tracking solution in the behavioral health industry.

This strategic acquisition brings together the expertise and ingenuity of two companies dedicated to advancing the implementation of measurement based care and peer support services through the use of technology. With the rapidly evolving demands of the modern world, addressing mental health has become a top priority, and ERPHealth is steadfast in its mission to save and transform lives by making outcomes-focused care the new normal in the behavioral health industry.

Founded in 2016 by Dan Hilferty Jr. and Dr. Patrick Mullen, and led by the vision of Senior Advisor, Daniel Hilferty Sr., Manifesto works in partnership with internationally renowned treatment centers, employers, and health plans, and has a proven track record of driving meaningful results for their clients.

“Bringing ERPHealth and Manifesto together will allow us to continue to offer our health plan partners and their members an innovative solution to increase engagement rates, improve health outcomes and reduce total cost of care,” said ERPHealth CEO Eric Gremminger. “This acquisition signifies a tremendous step forward towards our vision to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the millions of Americans struggling with behavioral health conditions. Together with Manifesto and our payer partners, we will leverage the power of technology to create an innovative system of care that redefines behavioral healthcare, making it more accessible, responsive, and transformational for everyone.”

“ERPHealth’s commitment to creating technology solutions to solve the mental health and addiction crisis in the United States is in direct alignment with our mission and their leadership’s vision for offering a practical and innovative solution to improving population health has us excited about this next chapter of our company’s evolution,” said Dan Hilferty Jr., CEO of Manifesto.

The acquisition comes at a pivotal time when the world’s focus on mental health has never been more pronounced. With ERPHealth’s ever-expanding national network of providers, this strategic move has the potential to impact millions of lives, empower communities and healthcare professionals, and significantly reduce the total cost of care associated for individuals suffering with behavioral health conditions.

“What’s most exciting about our partnership with ERPHealth is that we can now make our evidence-based peer support curriculum digitally accessible to health plans and have our coaches available on demand, ensuring members receive the right care at the right time,” said Dr. Mullen. “Behavioral health issues can exacerbate or increase the risk of developing chronic physical health conditions. Timely virtual coaching and support means that individuals are more likely to manage their physical health effectively, reducing the need for costly interventions and hospitalizations.”

Hilferty will continue to lead Manifesto, which will become part of the ERPHealth family of brands.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the coming months as ERPHealth and Manifesto collaborate on technological advancements that will shape the future of mental healthcare. Together, they aim to inspire a new era of behavioral health technology that expands access, improves quality and reduces cost.

About ERPHealth: ERPHealth is an enterprise-grade technology company that leverages the power of patient-reported data to individualize treatment, promote health equity, and position providers as industry leaders. Visit erphealth.com for more information.

About Manifesto: Manifesto is a comprehensive, evidence-based peer support platform that helps patients, employees, and members start and sustain their recovery journeys for the long run. Learn more at manifestohealth.com.

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ERPHealth Acquires Manifesto, Expanding its Behavioral Health Outcome Tracking Platform to include Peer Support and Health Coaching. View original content:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/erphealth-acquires-manifesto-expanding-its-behavioral-health-outcome-tracking-platform-to-include-peer-support-and-health-coaching-301918434.html