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My Favorite Healthy Travel Essentials List

My Favorite Healthy Travel Essentials List

My Favorite Healthy Travel Essentials List

Traveling is always worth it, in my book. Hands, down.

(And yes, with kids too. Can it be funny? Mmm-hmm. Can it be a few more logistics to figure out and plan for? Double-yes. But to see the joy in their eyes as they take in new experiences and places is unlike anything else. It’s a lot like magic, to me).

And whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, with family or with kids– AND you’re wanting to be mindful about your health at the same time (& making sure you’re eating whole foods, staying hydrated, getting good sleep and making it all as convenient as you can)– let me tell you a little secret: yes, it does take a little EXTRA intention around how you plan, pack and prepare. 

So that I (and we all) feel like we have what we need to function, take care of ourselves and feel good throughout our trip. Because what good is a vacation if you come home feeling more tired or run down than when you left? I talked a lot about the mentality (and my favorite tips for traveling and staying on your game) in this week’s podcast episode, and I wanted to create a list of my favorite things that help enable that to happen.

Aka, my travel staples that I’ve found to be game changers for making healthy travel of any kind, easy.

So today, I’m sharing  the non-negotiables on my packing list that support skin, sleep, gut & whole body health, and also make life easier while traveling and keep kids entertained on the go. Aka, my family’s travel essentials.

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Now let’s get into my must-haves for easy, intentional & healthy travel!

Travel favorites for adults:

  • 1. This cushioned sleep eye mask— SO comfy and great for blocking out extra light (aka, a necessity for good sleep in hotels/airbnbs). It takes a few weeks to break this one in, but it’s amazing how much better sleep you can get anywhere in the world with this. You never know the curtain/blind situation and this ensures everywhere you are = great sleep!
  • 2. Ear plugs— I swear by these. And yes, I can still hear my kids if they need me! They just block out ambient noise outside if you’re traveling in a noisy area and dampen other noises. (If your partner snores, trust me on this, you need these!)
  • 3. Travel size body wash— this is what we use at home too, but love that they have a travel size!
  • 4. Coconut lemon hand sanitizer spray— a must-have in every carry-on bag– love that this one is cleaner ingredients
  • 5. Hanging toiletry bag— this is a GAME CHANGER for counter space when traveling! You can hang up all your toiletries on a towel rack to easily access them without cluttering the whole bathroom
  • 6. Handheld frother— yes, I travel with one of these and it might make me extra but it is soooooo handy. Great for mixing up matcha or electrolyte powder in your water!
  • 7. Travel matcha packets— so great for travel!
  • 8. Chlorophyll drops— my favorite way to start the day, even while traveling– chlorophyll is so good for immune function, detoxification, energy and even helps fight bad breath. No matter where I am in the world, these come with me. It’s the simplest thing: 10-15 drops in a big glass of water in the morning but the way it sets my day up feeling energized and hydrated, it’s never worth leaving behind. I make better decisions all throughout the day when I start this way.
  • 9. PP cleansing oil— doing this, I usually don’t even have to pack an extra moisturizer or serum, it cleans my makeup off and leaves my skin glowing and hydrated. (Use code SIMPLYREALHEALTH to save 10%!)
  • 10. PP baby balm— don’t let the name fool you, this is an everything balm: sunburns, diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, and the best under-eye cream ever. Truly. I never leave home without this! (Use code SIMPLYREALHEALTH to save 10%!)
  • 11. PP deodorant— bc it works. Every time. And I never leave home without it. (Use code SIMPLYREALHEALTH to save 10%!)
  • 12. These CBD drops (and the gummies)— because traveling is unpredictable sometimes: new places to sleep, new routines, etc. I love doing ¼ dropper on the first night especially so after a busy travel day. And it’s so great to have on hand to help your nervous system calm down and regulate better, with all the newness in your routines. Use the code “simplyrealhealth” to get 15% off.)
  • 13. This immune support throat spray, liposomal vitamin c packets & cough syrups: the first two for prevention, and the second I always pack just in case someone in the family needs it. The code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout will save you 15%!
  • 14. Activated charcoal capsules: I always travel with these, just in case. If you eat a meal and your stomach feels off, popping 2 of these can be a natural way to avoid food poisoning, stomach bugs, etc.

Check out the rest of my travel favorites for ADULTS in my amazon storefront HERE!

Travel favorites for kids:

Check out the rest of my travel favorites for KIDS in my amazon storefront HERE!

Travel (with and without kids) is such a reset for my soul, but I know I’m always looking for more ways to make it easier and more intentional. I hope these easy hacks and ideas help you on your next getaway!

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