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Why Having Botox Young Is Damaging Women’s Faces

Why Having Botox Young Is Damaging Women’s Faces

Unless you have been living under a rock since botox was approved in the 1980s, you would have likely heard of this treatment. From amazing age-defying transformations to botched jobs, more and more people are getting botox to reduce their signs of aging. With the rise of various cosmetic social media trends, botox has been a beauty trending topic that many of the younger generations have been ingesting in the circulating information. Women who are in their 20s are now feeling the pressures from society to look young and stay that way for as long as possible, hence why it would make sense to attempt to encapsulate that beauty whilst they can.

Many cosmetic practices have been encouraging the younger generations to start getting botox from a young age. Whilst it is approved for teenagers 18 and over to receive the treatment, it is especially not recommended at such a frugal age. It is highly unlikely that botox will be needed for anyone over the age of 25, however, botox is being advertised as a ‘preventative treatment’ for young adults who are looking to evade any wrinkles once they hit the age. In this case, earlier is not the better option, and people need to get educated before they rush into any irreversible decisions.

Why Are Botox Trending?

As mentioned, botox has been around for years but they have recently become the topic of conversation amongst young adults deciding whether botox is a good option for them to prevent aging as early as possible. Many practitioners are selling youngsters the dream that botox is going to prevent all signs of aging. This however is done maliciously by some, to get clientele in their doors early and make them as profitable as possible. Cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments in general are circulating the internet like the plague, but botox unfortunately seems to be the treatment that is resulting in adverse effects to what the young patients hoped to achieve. Although it may not seem as invasive as treatments such as mummy makeovers, botox when injected incorrectly or when too young can have notable negative effects in the long run.

What Are The Cons Of Having Botox Young?

Here are just a few of the cons people face when having botox at too young of an age.

Botox Will Weaken The Muscle

If you did not know already, botox aims to temporarily prevent the communication from your nerves to the muscle, leaving this area smooth yet unable to move. This, of course, is a great option for those who are looking to have a wrinkle-free, poker face, but for the young women who still have a life to live, this can negatively affect how they live their life. Over time, botox will weaken the muscle due to the limited activity the muscle has had, and therefore this can lead to the muscle drooping in areas such as the eyebrows, leaving a negative result.

There Are Good And Bad Botox

Another con associated with botox is that there is good and bad botox out there, meaning you might be unlucky enough to receive a botched treatment from a practitioner. A bad botox treatment typically involves the aesthetic practitioner using an excessive amount of botox in the chosen area, leaving the face overly saturated with botox and leading to minimal movement within the chosen area. Also, bad botox may involve the practitioner targeting the wrong muscle group, which can lead to severe changes such as preventing you from smiling altogether. These things of course can fade over time, but avoiding them altogether is the best preventive method.

We Don’t Know The Long-Term Effects

The final thing that young women should consider is the long-term effects that botox can induce once received at a young age. Botox is a repetitive treatment that usually requires multiple re-visits to maintain the appearance. We are yet to see what decades of botox can do to women from receiving them at such a young age, therefore there is no guarantee that the signs of aging will still be reduced once you hit those ages.

Final Thoughts

Overall, any form of cosmetic and plastic treatment should be down to the individual’s decision only. This should not involve the influence of social media, especially not any practitioner who is encouraging you to get the treatment. Do your research and understand the risks involved with getting botox and such a young age.