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Warrior of Womanhood – When her Story Becomes History

Warrior of Womanhood – When her Story Becomes History

She is a phenomenal woman

For she doesn’t claim respect

For she doesn’t want reservation

For she doesn’t to be perfect

For she doesn’t mind sacrificing

For she doesn’t shy away from reacting

For she doesn’t give up

For she doesn’t give a damn about her gender

She is that phenomenal woman who stands for herself

All I want is for her to realize her self worth and

Stop claiming for favors

She: A Tribute to her

I wrote the poem for a writing prompt in 2020. I was looking around and seeing a new wave of pseudo-feminism hitting society unfairly and being glorified as the only outlet for women to empower each other. This left me wondering if we are deviating from the basics of what women want. Feminists started getting tagged as flag bearers of female chauvinism and woman card, rightly so because there were indeed many women with anti-male propaganda and hue and cry about reservation.

I was heartbroken. From a futuristic dream of a world of equality, I looked around to see only inequity. On one hand, I saw a bunch of women screaming their lungs out to establish the point that all men are dogs. On the other hand, another bunch religiously follow their ‘perfect woman’ catalog that has been a norm for centuries, and proudly proclaim how proud they are about themselves. Where is equality?

A tribute to her

While I was wailing silently in my soliloquy about how the insert some sense in these women, I looked around and saw a separate bunch who were fighting their way forward against all odds. Some were cancer fighters, some survivors, some were child abuse survivors, some with painful stories of pregnancy and motherhood, and some were fighting mental health issues but staying strong with their heads raised.

The more I went to their world, the more women I met. The more women I met the more stories of survival and perseverance came to the foray. They don’t have time to wail about their pain. They have things to do. More often than not I noticed that women with painful stories are the ones who extended their hands forward to support other women. These warriors have a heart so strong, minds so kind, and intentions so pure that they have clarity of thoughts. They know what they want in life and what to do for others.

The serendipity

When I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that there is a plethora of stories still under wraps, and deserve to be heard, I came across Swarnali. This woman I tell you. While fighting with her own demons she was dedicating her life to letting others get free of theirs. Sharing my peace story with her was a much-needed long delayed liberation that I received. Hence when she announced her Women’s Day Blog hop, I didn’t have to think twice. She is the woman to whom I want to dedicate this day. While she herself is a warrior, she makes sure to make everyone around like one.

The sad part is that she doesn’t know how special she is. Hence as a gesture of gratitude, I decided to announce my new venture through her blog hop. Because she is the one who gave me the push in the right direction o focus on my blogs again. No one else could do this, not even my mother, (well my mother thinks that I am still simply poking on the phone and computer lol). So here I am announcing my new initiative of Holistic Wellness with RJ, all thanks to Swarnali – Warrior of Womanhood (WOW)

Warrior of Womanhood (WOW)

Dear Woman,

How could you? Is it possible for someone to be so good!!! How could you fight your demons while simultaneously uplifting other women? It’s time girl, to come out of the shell and tell the world your side of the story. You have changed lives. Now it is time to change yours my warrior of womanhood…

Warrior of womanhood

This is a tribute to all women out there who has her struggles to share but shy away from telling the world. This is a tribute to every woman out there who has been thinking of telling her story to the world but did get the right opportunity. Moreover, this is a tribute to the woman whose story has been out there but the more we share the stronger it comes out. This is an ongoing process because I believe everyday is women’s day – every day for each warrior of womanhood. And without consulting her, I announce Swarnali Nath as the first one in the series.

This blog post is part of the Women’s Day Blog Hop, themed on She: A Tribute to Her, hosted by Swarnali Nath & link back to