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Discovering Moisture And Volume: Your Dry Hair Treatment Guide

Discovering Moisture And Volume: Your Dry Hair Treatment Guide

Did you know that over 4,200 beauty product manufacturers operate in the United States? Of course, all those products won’t solve your bad hair days if you don’t know the basics.

If you’re constantly looking for split ends and need dry hair treatment, there are several easy steps you should take. Sometimes an oil treatment or different hair conditioners won’t do the trick on their own.

The following guide will explain how to fix dry hair so that you can look and feel your best every day.

Causes of Dry Hair

You’ve probably noticed that your hair becomes drier during the winter months. If you use heat for styling or have a dry scalp naturally, the problem becomes much worse. Your age, environment, and overall health also contribute to your scalp’s moisture.

Other than using heat, products like holding sprays tend to dry out the hair as well. Treatments for dyeing and straightening hair leave your scalp extra dry and vulnerable afterward. 

Layering different products on your hair too often can limit moisture from reaching your scalp. Hydration can’t get through the layers and hair becomes brittle over time. 

If you spend a lot of time in the sun or in windy conditions, you’ll find that your hair becomes dry and brittle. You can use things like to help bring your hair back to life, but you’ll also need to condition it regularly.

You might have drier hair if you have a medical condition like psoriasis, thyroid disorders, or eczema. While they make hydrating your hair a little more difficult, those conditions don’t make it impossible by any means.

Easy Dry Hair Remedies

If you have Coconut oil on hand, you can use it on your hair as an effective natural moisturizer. You can heat and apply it as an oil treatment or leave it in to deep-condition your hair.

Honey works as a natural humectant so it can draw and store moisture in your hair well. Try mixing a tablespoon of honey into a cup of warm water and apply and rinse out the mixture after you’ve used shampoo.

Avocados can also help moisturize your hair as they’re full of healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. Use them to create a hair mask by squashing one up and spreading it into your hair. Leave the mashed avocado in your hair for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Eggs have a lot of protein that is critical for having a healthy head of hair. You can use eggs to create a great hair mask by blending one yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil. Then, apply the mix to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it out.

Speaking of olive oil, it’s also a great natural hair moisturizer on its own. You can use it on your hair as a hot oil treatment or leave it in your hair as a conditioner.

Aloe vera naturally helps moisturize and relieve the scalp while also adding hydration to the hair. Try applying aloe vera gel straight onto your scalp and hair for an easy home remedy. You can also mix aloe vera with a carrier oil to get enhanced benefits.

Using apple cider vinegar can help fix the scalp and hair’s pH balance if they’re dry. It also leaves the hair feeling smooth and looking lustrous. Try mixing equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to use after shampooing your hair.

It might seem crazy to put Mayonnaise on your head, but it’s full of great oils and egg yolks to help hydrate and nurture your hair. Try using mayonnaise as a hair mask and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing it out.

Yogurt is another handy hair remedy because it includes proteins and lactic acid for hair hydration and nourishment. Just like with the mayo, use it as a mask and leave it in your hair for about 30 minutes.

Dry Hair Treatment Routine

Other than remedies, you’ll need to create a dry hair treatment routine and stick to it. For starters, always wash and condition your hair regularly and select a specific day to help you remember.

You should always use a product to help protect your hair from heat when styling it with things like dryers and straighteners. Also, avoid using hair dyes, relaxers, and other harsh chemicals to prevent split ends and dry hair.

You’ll also want to maintain healthy eating habits to give your hair extra benefits. Make sure you get enough minerals and vitamins, such as A, C, and E to nourish your hair and help it grow.

Try to drink more water throughout the day if you find that your hair drys out too quickly. Hydrating yourself properly helps your hair stay healthy and recover from different treatments and styling.

If you work outdoors or love being out in nature, wear a hat to protect your hair from the elements. You can even use some of the leave-in conditioner remedies to help block heat and shield your hair from the sun. 

Ready For Hydrated Hair?

Now you can create a dry hair treatment plan to help bring your hair back to life and protect it going forward. Remember the causes of dry hair, use the easy home remedies mentioned, and stick to a consistent routine!

We hope our guide helps add moisture, volume, softness, and shine to your hair. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful hair treatment and styling tips.

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