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Top 10 2024 Predicted Food & Drink Trends — Nomadista Nutrition

Top 10 2024 Predicted Food & Drink Trends — Nomadista Nutrition

2. Gut Friendly Foods:  

While pre and probiotic supplements are popular, you know I’m all about getting your nutrients through food so I will continue to recommend gut friendly foods to my clients in 2024. One way to improve gut health is by adding in more Sunsweet prunes to your diet as they are a natural source of prebiotic fibers. Pears are also a great addition to alleviate constipation. Lastly, for an added boost of fiber be sure to throw blueberries into your smoothies, yogurt bowls and salads.

3. Sustainable Seafood:

The trend of sustainable seafood has gained momentum as consumers increasingly prioritize environmentally friendly and ethically sourced options. With a focus on responsible fishing practices and aquaculture, this movement aims to support marine ecosystems while promoting the long-term health of our oceans. I recommend checking out Blue Circle Foods for some delicious and eco-friendly seafood options.

4. Cow’s milk makes a comeback:

Compared to non-dairy alternatives, cow’s milk is higher in protein, vitamin D and calcium. For those struggling with vitamin D deficiency or who are at risk of delincing bone health, real dairy may be a better choice if you can tolerate it. I love starting my day with Clover Sonoma Half and Half in my coffee.

5. Foods for Longevity:

According to the Mintel Food Trend Review, members of Generation X, currently in their mid-40s to late 50s (born between around 1965 and 1979), are expressing increased interest in nutrition that supports longevity and healthy aging. One nutrient to focus on for longevity is omega-3s, which have anti-inflammatory and brain health-supporting properties. You can get adequate omega-3s by eating 8 oz of fatty fish per week. I love the tinned fish from Scout (which is MSC certified for its sustainability practices) on salads or whole grain toast.