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This November on the Community Platform

This November on the Community Platform

We’re pleased to bring you the latest developments in our Community Platform, showcasing the recent enhancements to our premium and elite memberships. As we constantly evolve, we’re excited to share the valuable tools and resources that have recently become available to enrich your therapeutic carbohydrate restriction learning. 

For our Premium and Elite members, the spotlight is on the downloadable Practitioner Toolbox item. The month we released a downloadable on Keto Coaching Solutions. Crafted by Functional Nutrition Coach Kim’s Keto 365, this curated collection of key scientific studies and informative sources is now at your fingertips to deepen your understanding and bolster your keto coaching endeavors.

Wondering how to access this invaluable resource? It’s simple – if you’re not already a member, upgrade today by clicking here to unlock a wealth of knowledge and elevate your coaching journey. Our premium and elite memberships are tailored to empower you with the latest insights, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of functional nutrition.

Did you miss the recent exploration of the fascinating world of gut health on November 14, 2023, at 16:00 PM SAST? Don’t worry – our premium members can re-watch this session and all other exclusive content. If you haven’t upgraded yet, consider doing so for just $15/month. The benefits are vast, and the knowledge is boundless.

Our downloadable handout by Nutrition Network Practitioner covered crucial areas of Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management, complete with a comprehensive reference list. It’s your go-to guide for enhancing your coaching strategies and providing top-notch support to your clients. Ready to level up? Upgrade your membership and access this Practitioner Toolbox item and more by clicking here today.

But that’s not the end of the good news – our research website offers a wealth of handy resources available for download. From Type 2 Diabetes to Hypertension, Menopause to Autism, Obesity to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver, and Cardiovascular Disease – explore and enrich your coaching toolkit with these downloadable resources.

For our premium members, here’s an extra treat – Weight-Loss on the Ketogenic Lifestyle Evidence. This recent addition to our premium content space delves into the fundamentals of the ketogenic lifestyle, its metabolic effects on weight-loss, key clinical studies, findings on effectiveness, benefits, the importance of monitoring clients, and follow-ups. Presented by Kim’s Keto 365, a Functional Nutrition Coach, this is a must-watch for anyone serious about mastering the art of keto coaching.

As we continue to grow and unfold new opportunities, we appreciate your continued support and engagement. Upgrade your membership today and relive these insightful events on our platform. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and success in the realm of functional nutrition coaching. Cheers to the ongoing pursuit of excellence and the promise of an even brighter future together!

What is in-store for your during the up and coming months?

Our inaugural Masterclass of 2024, we are pleased to feature  Prof Tim Noakes, who will be delving into the topic of Why Do Humans Burn Carbohydrates. Feel free to share any questions or queries in the comments section! Don’t miss out on this Masterclass going Live on 18 January 2024 at 16:00 PM SAST. Pre-reading material and learning objectives are coming soon! Premium Members can register to secure their spot. 

This insightful Masterclass will be held in our New Content for Premium Members. If you haven’t upgraded to premium membership yet, you can do so by clicking here for only $15 per month.