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Should I Track My Macros?

Should I Track My Macros?

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions of losing weight, getting toned, and building muscle.

But is it a good idea to rely on an app for that?

Calorie-counting trackers or macro-counting apps are everywhere now, and if used as a tool for a period of time and within reason, can certainly guide you to reach your weight loss or fitness goals.

Some programs and apps only track macros and calories, and that’s it. If all you do is track the calories in your food however, and not take into consideration the micro and macronutrients, you’ll miss out on understanding the nutritional value of your food.

Other apps do go above and beyond calories and also track micronutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium to help support your nutritional needs and ensure you’re getting enough protein or fiber for example.

But what’s even better than a tracking app?

Being in tune with your body, and developing a healthy relationship with food.

Why? Because there is a risk of relying on them too much and for too long so they become a replacement for your own intuition and connection to your body. Handing over control to an app that determines what you can’t eat could develop into disordered eating patterns that can spiral into an eating disorder.

Besides…all calories are not created equal!

My advice? Focus on what you can eat – not what you can’t. Healthy alternatives for any type of calorie-tracking app are:

Get to know your body without the app, because it’s way smarter than any tracking app, and knows what you need!

Watch the video for my examples of which programs and apps I recommend using, as a temporary tool to support your goals. Also, watch to learn other methods for knowing how much your serving should be to support your goals with my example of balancing your plate for off days, low-training days, and competition days.

Also check out my online course, The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy which teaches how to put together a fueling plan customized to your goals, and provides the A to Z for Sports Nutrition. This is training that will last a lifetime!

Do you need customized support for yourself, or your young athlete?

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