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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 Picks!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 Picks!

Guess what?! It’s that time of year again– the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale is HERE. Cue the confetti and get your online shopping bevvie of choice ready (mine’s an iced matcha, of course). I’m pumped to give you an inside look at my picks and things I personally have my eye on, in order to hopefully make your life a little easier!

While I’m not the biggest shopper in the world (read: giant crowds in stores and endless pages of products online = not my thing),  I DO think this one sale is worth the hype every year. It’s the one time of year when you can stock up on all your must-haves, basics and miscellaneous goodies you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t wanted to pay full price for. Maybe it’s a new pair of workout sneakers, a simple and delicate daily necklace or a new winter coat you’ve been needing.

Plus if you have kids, this is the BEST way to get the next size up in all of their outfits, shoes, accessories, etc., while purchasing good quality items without spending a fortune. Not to mention the gear– strollers, carseats, pack and plays, you name it, the Nordstrom Sale probably has it.

Obviously, I’m a fan. And if I’m going to spend all this time digging through the goods, I have to share my picks with you! And, low-key, I honestly love doing this every year. It’s a way for me to stock up on necessities (and a few wants), and also help you save time on doing the same! I even recruit Kyle to pull his picks for the guys in your life, too.

I hope you find some things that you love & get great use out of for years to come! Let’s get into the good stuff!