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Naturopathic doctor shares gut health tips ahead of summer barbecuing season

Naturopathic doctor shares gut health tips ahead of summer barbecuing season

Local naturopathic doctor Amy Tyler shares how to beat the bloat and improve gut health while enjoying summer barbecuing.

AUSTIN, Texas — This summer, a lot more people will be outside barbecuing. But something that’s not talked about all that often is the importance of gut health and enjoying yummy foods without any stomach discomfort. 

Naturopathic doctor Amy Tyler, ND has been providing natural health solutions to the Austin community since 2007. She currently serves as the vice president of the Texas Association of Naturopathic Doctors (TXAND).

She recommends thinking about pairing Texas barbeque mains with gut health and digestion aids. 

“Digestion actually starts in our brains. We don’t really think of that, but when we think about food, when we see food and smell food, we actually start making saliva. That’s why your mouth waters. We start making acid and enzymes to digest the food and break it down. So when we’re eating in a calm environment, when we’re actually focusing on our food, chewing thoroughly, we digest better,” said Tyler.

Tyler said it’s important to take advantage of slowing down while eating because chewing is important. If you chew more, you have an earlier signal that you’re full, and so you tend to not overeat. 

Some solutions to digestive health include Ortho Digestzyme, which is a comprehensive blend of enzymes used to support healthy digestion and maximize nutrient absorption, according to Tyler.

“It’s really great, if you can think of enzymes like little scissors that are cutting the food into smaller absorbable units. So when you take this, it can really help prevent that bloating and fullness when you’re eating something like at a barbecue and the food is just super rich,” said Tyler. 

Also, Ortho Biotic can help maintain a healthy environment for vitamin uptake and optimal immune function, she said. 

“It does not require refrigeration, like a lot of other probiotics do. It’s very potent. This is basically the good bacteria that are so important for our colon to be healthy. Things like antibiotic use over time, alcohol, additives and food can all decrease our count of good bacteria. So this is a good way to replenish them,” said Tyler.

Lastly, GI Revive by Designs of Health, as Tyler describes, is almost like aloe for the GI tract.

“So we think of soothing our skin if we have a sunburn or a scratch with aloe. It’s a powder you mix it in water and drink it coats that underlining,” said Tyler. 

All of these products can be found at Peoples Rx Pharmacy, a more than 40-year-old family-owned Austin staple. 

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