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How to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen with an Active Family

How to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen with an Active Family

Does it feel like your ‘side hustle’ is constantly making meals in the kitchen?

It’s a question I hear from parents ALL THE TIME…

“How do I feed nutritious food to my family that’s always on the go?”

The pain is real for parents of active kids and young athletes who are constantly hungry. Having enough healthy food on hand without spending half your life in the kitchen requires a proactive approach.

With my crazy busy life, I’ve come to rely on several food-prepping hacks that I love to share, because they make a big difference. Watch this video for my tips on meal prep which every busy parent can benefit from! (Tip – don’t toss away empty glass jars). Plus scroll down afterwards for links to other resources. 👇

Head over to my blog for recipes mentioned in this video! Find them here: Freezer Meal Recipes for Active Families

Be sure to check out these videos that I mentioned which will help lessen your time in the kitchen and keep your family nourished:

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