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How To Level Up Your Health In 2023 — Nomadista Nutrition

How To Level Up Your Health In 2023 — Nomadista Nutrition

Ease and Convenience. You don’t have to wait weeks (or months!) to get in with a highly qualified doctor or spend hours at the doctor’s office. Lifeforce provides you with an at home phlebotomist service to take care of your blood draw and all follow up consults are available via telehealth.

In Depth Results. Traditional medicine may tell you your lab ranges are normal, but this does not mean they are optimal. When I took my initial Lifeforce diagnostic, I realized my vitamin D levels were suboptimal. Vitamin D is essential for so many important bodily functions — from immune health to hormones to bone health and even mental health. My Lifeforce clinician recommended their Vitamin D+K supplement and within just 3 months of taking Lifeforce’s nutraceuticals, my vitamin D levels increased and I quickly noticed an improvement in my overall well-being. 

Comprehensive Testing. The Lifeforce Diagnostic is one of the most comprehensive sets of tests on the market. It measures 40+ biomarkers that traditional blood tests  may miss, such as a full hormone panel , critical nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, blood sugars, lipids, iron status, kidney and liver health, and inflammatory markers.

Holistic Approach. Lifeforce isn’t only about providing you lab results, they  give you the key resources needed to implement changes to holistically and sustainably improve your health. They provide health coaching, personalized health plans, visits with functional medicine doctors and supplemental nutraceuticals or hormone therapies to correct any deficiencies and health concerns.