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How to Defeat Rayvis – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Wiki Guide

How to Defeat Rayvis – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Wiki Guide

On your second visit to the Shattered Moon in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll need to fight Rayvis. This boss guide will show you the essential tips and strategies for taking down one of the hardest foes you’ll face in the game.

How to Defeat Rayvis


This is one of the toughest boss battles in the game, so it’s very important to play conservatively and try to keep Stims handy to heal during the battle.

Rayvis – Phase 1

The first phase of Rayvis is allow about getting in chip damage while you can and trying to avoid the boss’ devastating unblockable attacks.

Rayvis has a mace with an extendable tip, which he’ll make use of right away in an unblockable attack which swings around his head and down around his body.

Rayvis is slow, but he is deadly. If you stick away for too long, he’ll shoot out a barrage of quick missiles. You can Force Push these back, and you should. But be mindful to dodge first. Since he shoots several missiles out, you’ll still get hit even if you Force Push one back.

After he shoots these missiles, you have a good opportunity to get in damage. You have your airdash now, so you can dash around Rayvis and get in some swipes on his back side while he’s firing the barrage off. We were able to knock off close to a fifth of the boss’ health this way.

Although you should try to break down Rayvis’ stun gauge, you shouldn’t be up in his business for the whole fight. In addition to the two attacks above, Rayvis has two quick three-hit combos with his mace, both of which end in an unblockable attack. Try to circle the boss during these combos with your dodge, allowing you to get in damage for a brief window after the combo is over.

Rayvis – Phase 2

After a third of the boss’ health is gone, his shoulder will break and you’ll enter the second phase. Remember, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor doesn’t give you a checkpoint, so if you die, you’ll need to restart the fight.

In addition to his normal attacks, Rayvis will use an unblockable slam attack where he lunges across the room, as well as occasionally shoot a string of bolts at you. The slam attack is dangerous if it hits you, but it’s a good chance to get in a hit or two while the boss recovers from it.

These are the only two new attacks Rayvis has, but he’ll use his standard attacks more frequently. You can use your Slow ability during this phase to allow you to get in some damage or heal. Otherwise, get in damage like you did during the first phase or after the boss’ slam attack.


Rayvis – Phase 3

After another third of health, Rayvis’ other shoulder will break. He’ll continue using the same attacks as he did during the first two phases, so the strategy is mostly the same.

However, Rayvis has a new attack where he’ll throw out the end of his mace around the room, have it come back, and then kick it back at you. There’s very little time to react to this attack and dodge out of the way, so try to close the gap if Rayvis uses it and circle him. Thankfully, there’s a good chance to get in damage for a brief window after it.

You should, hopefully, have your Slow ability back if you used it earlier in the second phase. It’s good to save it to heal if you’re in trouble, but if the boss is close to dead, you can use it to get in the final few swipes.

Rayvis – Phase 4

At least, you can get in the final few fits for the first half of the fight. Once Rayvis’ health is out, he’ll gain a new health bar and become much more aggressive. There aren’t distinct sections with new attacks for this half of the battle. It’s the same throughout, but it’s important to reiterate that this doesn’t count as a checkpoint.

Rayvis seemed a bit more likely to use his rockets during this phase, as well as spread them out more around the room. He’ll also shoot his blaster while firing the missiles off, occasionally following up to attack you with his blaster.

For the first half, we mostly stuck with the Dual Blade stance. For the second, we switched to Crossguard because it deals a lot of damage when you can get in hits.

The main reason is to stun Rayvis. If you can parry his three-hit combo with the mace, you’ll stagger him fully with the Crossguard stance. It’s tough to hit, but this is the best way to deal huge chunks of Rayvis’ health.

During this phase, we were able to use the Slow ability twice. Again, it’s a good to use if you need to heal, but it’s also a great tool to get in a lot of damage with your Crossguard stance.

Rayvis will yield at the end of the fight. Grab the Centered perk dropped by the boss


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