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Following failed merger, Marshfield Clinic announces furloughs for 3% of staff

Following failed merger, Marshfield Clinic announces furloughs for 3% of staff

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) – Marshfield Clinic Health System has released details about a plan to better financially position itself in the future.

On Monday, Marshfield Clinic Health System announced that 3% of its employees would be furloughed. According to its website, it has 12,000 total employees with locations in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The furloughs were said to mostly impact employees who do not see patients.

Marshfield Clinic provided this statement to media:

Providing healthcare in our rural geography comes with challenges and it’s imperative we think differently. Managing rising supply and labor costs are key to continuing to meet the needs of our patients across the region. Our health system spans more than 45,000 square miles, and we’re the leading care provider in many of the communities we serve. That makes it vital that we use our staffing resources as efficiently and effectively as possible to make sure resources are used where they are needed most and where they can have the greatest impact on patients. To achieve that efficiency, this includes furloughs for approximately 3% of Marshfield Clinic Health System employees in largely non-patient-seeing departments, including leadership roles. We are committed to supporting our employees during this challenging time and working collaboratively during their transition to furlough.

Just one week ago, Essentia Health and Marshfield Clinic Health System announced the two organizations would not move forward with a merger. Tony Matt, Media Relations Specialist at Essentia Health, answered reporter questions in a statement that Marshfield’s financial situation was a primary factor in the decision.

The release did not state if, or when the furloughs will begin.