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Biden skewered for claiming he effectively ‘ended cancer as we know it’: ‘Why haven’t the adults intervened?’

Biden skewered for claiming he effectively ‘ended cancer as we know it’: ‘Why haven’t the adults intervened?’

President Biden was shredded on social media Tuesday after saying his administration has effectively “ended cancer as we know it.”

Biden made the eyebrow-raising comment during a speech about expanding access to mental health care at the White House, where he discussed his commitment to tackling the nation’s mental health crisis as part of his “unity agenda.”

“One of the things I’m always asked is why Americans have sort of lost faith for a while in being able to do big things. If you could do anything at all, Joe, what would you do? I said I’d cure cancer. They looked at me like, why cancer? Because no one thinks we can. That’s why, and we can. We ended cancer as we know it,” the president said.


President Joe Biden with microphone

President Biden made the comments about his administration ending cancer during a speech on mental health. (The Image Direct for Fox News Digital)

Biden’s online critics were quick to seize the comment, with some fact-checking the president and others mocking the apparent brazenness of his claim.

“The dementia is so bad that now he thinks he cured cancer,” State Freedom Caucus Network Communication Director Greg Price wrote.

“Hey, @joebiden cured cancer, everybody! He just announced it! He did it with all the money Hunter got him from other countries! He’s a cancer-curing child-sniffing cocaine-doing hero! Bow down, Democrats, to the end of cancer hero!” actor Nick Searcy tweeted.

Conservative influencer Rogan O’Handley, who uses the handle @dc_draino, wrote, “Biden just announced that he’s cured cancer. Yes, he seriously did. We are an international joke.”

Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg responded, “JUST IN: President Joe Biden has officially cured cancer according to President Joe Biden. What an amazing day for people all around the world…Biden will now be working to cure dementia.”

“Don’t question him,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Joe is the 2nd smartest person I know of (Hunter is 1st).”

The Media Research Center shared the clip with the caption: “Fact-Check: Joe Biden has not cured cancer.”


“Who is briefing him and what are they telling him and why haven’t adults intervened?” The Israel Project’s Omri Ceren commented.

Liz Willis, a former broadcaster who lost her mother in 2021 to cancer, tweeted, “Idk my mom still seems pretty dead to me.”

“According to the American Cancer Society there were 609,360 cancer deaths last year in the United States,” wrote Josh Holmes, founding partner of Cavalry LLC and co-host of “The Ruthless Podcast.”

“Biden in 2019: “Vote for me I’ll cure cancer” Biden in 2020: nothing Biden in 2021: nothing Biden in 2022: nothing Biden on a random day in 2023: “We ended cancer!” the singer Five Times August tweeted.

“That is amazing news I did not know,” wrote Max Abrahms, a terrorism expert and professor of political science.

Biden pledged to “cure cancer” during the 2020 campaign and has made it a focus of his administration after the loss of his son, Beau Biden, who died in 2015 from brain cancer. In 2016, Biden headed the “Cancer Moonshot” program during the Obama administration in a renewed effort to find a cure for cancer. He reignited the program in 2022 with a goal of cutting the death rate from cancer by at least 50% over the next 25 years and pledged to make fatal cancers treatable in the future.

President Joe Biden

In 2021, Biden said ending cancer will be his next big scientific endeavor after overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. (Demetrius Freeman / Washington Post via Getty Images)

In 2021, Biden said that ending cancer will be his next big scientific endeavor after overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.


“I want you to know that once we beat COVID, we’re going to do everything we can to end cancer as we know it,” Biden said at the time.

Cancer researchers and experts, however, say Biden’s initiative is misguided, and that despite his additional funding, a cancer cure is still a long ways off, according to a Politico report published this year.