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8 Digital Detox Tips For A Better Mental Health In 2023

8 Digital Detox Tips For A Better Mental Health In 2023

Even though staring at your devices can be enjoyable at the moment, these practices can often lead to addiction and have unfavorable impacts.

In today’s digital world, your mental health deserves a vacation from its stressors as well. Therefore, you might need to go on a digital detox sometimes. Should this be something you want to do more this coming year, here are some ways how you can unplug from social media and technology:

1. Turn Off Your Device’s Push Notifications

When your mobile devices are constantly pinging you with push notifications, it can be difficult to ignore them, let alone try to stop yourself from using your device altogether.

You don’t have to give up technology all at once. You may ease into a digital detox by turning off push alerts for inessential apps, Health writes.

Select the notifications that are most critical to you, then schedule a time to check your other platforms for less urgent updates.

2. Limit Your Device Use To One At A Time

Plume suggests that instead of completely shutting yourself off from technology, start by only decreasing your use of one gadget at a time. 

At first, it could be difficult to focus, but with little practice, you might feel more in the moment and less distracted.

3. Create Non-Negotiable Internet Time Outs

According to Select Health, as the strong blue light from electronic screens can disrupt sleep cycles, it is especially useful to take breaks from screens in the morning and at night.

If you can’t completely avoid screens, think about setting devices to go into “night mode” in the mornings and evenings to lessen eye strain and promote better sleep.

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4. Designate Places To Use Technology In

Although you are undoubtedly used to always having your phone with you, you might want to limit where you use it in addition to scheduling time without screens.

Your digital detox can involve using your phone or computer exclusively in specific areas to reduce distractions.

As a result, you have “safe zones” where you may relax without being interrupted by technology, Select Health emphasizes.

5. Consume Digital Media Mindfully

The Me Isle notes that consuming digital information deliberately entails going to it rather than allowing it to come to you. 

Since nothing here is essential, you can set aside an hour or two every day or every two days to read the news instead.

6. Delete Unnecessary and Distracting Apps

You should routinely check your device and remove any apps that are simply a distraction because you can always reinstall them if you decide you still need them.

At the very least, move them to their own folder where they’re less accessible and off your home screen, according to Plume.

7. Clean Out Your Social Media Accounts

Health notes that social media allows us to interact with people in previously unheard-of and genuinely satisfying ways, yet the more time we spend on it, the worse we feel.

Until you come up with a list of contacts who make you laugh, smile, and feel happy, don’t be afraid to block, mute, unfollow, or delete the other ones.

8. Make Time To Disconnect Your From The Internet

According to The Me Isle, put your phone in airplane mode, “do not disturb,” or just turn it off to completely remove temptation.

While still allowing you to use other apps on your devices, this mobile device option is useful for barring phone calls, texts, and internet access.

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