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2023 Word of The Year • Kath Eats

2023 Word of The Year • Kath Eats

Happy New Year! Ready for a clean slate? Here’s my 2023 word of the year. 

My Word of The Year Tradition: 8 years in

I love that I have been doing this tradition long enough to see all the words flow together. You can *almost* feel my life evolving! 

2016 – PRESENT



2019 – PURPOSE

2020 – VISION


2022 – FRESH

While some of my previous words were more inward-looking, this year I am feeling energized! 

I am feeling creative. 

If 2020 was planning a vision, and 2021 was setting a foundation, 2022 was a fresh start, then perhaps 2023 is a year of creating something new. 

And my 2023 word of the year is…

I’ve noticed a pattern with work flow….

I seem to work in big cycles. For a few months I work really hard to get ahead so that I can take a month to chill out a bit (like over the holidays). I work more than usual, pack a lot into my days, and often end the stretch feeling a bit burnt out. 

Then I take some time off, whether it’s a vacation, a holiday, or just a week where I take more me time than usual to do things like walk alone or sit in the sauna at the gym. 

And then I have space to think.

During these moments of silence, when I am supposed to NOT be thinking about work, dozens of ideas bubble to the surface! 

It is not a coincidence that when I clear my mind of nagging thoughts, creativity blossoms. A lot of people say their best ideas come when they are in the shower, in yoga, or otherwise allowing thoughts to flow freely like waves crashing to the shore. 

These ideas fill me with excitement and energy, and I want to drop everything to get started on them at once! 

I had 3 course outlines in my head all during the same week this fall. And my sister and I were talking to a podcast network for a bit at the same time. 

We have kicked the podcast bucket further down the road for now, but courses are my focus for 2023. 

I feel like a tree where KERF is the trunk and I have lots of branches I’d like to climb. I wish I had more time to focus on these ideas.

Alas, I am feeling very creative at the moment. 

Creative: Wellness Program

I have a 50-page Word doc with my new health and wellness program. The focus of this program is to motivate those who have put health by the wayside to come home to your body and build a foundation of healthy habits for the long term.

Inside you’ll find everything I have learned from 15 years as a wellness blogger and registered dietitian tied up with motivational quotes, anti-diet culture, and self love. I’m thinking of offering two tiers: a self study and an add-on community where we’ll have 4 weeks of discussion and connection. All TBD!

Opt in here to be the first for more info: program waitlist.

Creative: Renovation + Moving

We also have this huge home renovation looming. I’ll be spending the next two months packing up our top two floors and moving everything, as neatly as possible, to the basement. 

We’ll be moving to a smaller rental for 5 months, which will require some creativity of its own! I’m also really excited about “playing house” in the new space since it’s so different than the home we’ve lived for 8 years now. Expect lots of Home Neat Home as I share the process! 

Our rental starting in March has an English country feel:

For the renovation, I’m excited to work on choosing finishes, designing organization solutions for the new spaces, and seeing it all come together. (Hopefully without too many bumps in the road!) 

I can’t wait to share this renovation with you! There is lots of home content on the horizon. 

Creative: Adventures

As we accumulate travel rewards this year, I want to plan some more exotic trips. Costa Rica, Hawaii, Aruba, National Parks with the boys. Where should we go in 2024? 

Maybe it’s turning 40 or maybe it’s having two children who are getting more independent, but I feel the possibilities of expansion this year! 

What is your word of the year?