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2023 Best Diet Rankings – Rust Nutrition Services – Chew The Facts®

2023 Best Diet Rankings – Rust Nutrition Services – Chew The Facts®

US News and World Report released its annual Best Diet report for 2023. The Mediterranean Diet ranks as number one overall diet, with DASH Diet in the top 3 category, tied for 2nd place with the Flexitarian Diet.

However, DASH Diet gets the number one spot in the Heart Healthy and Diabetes categories.

How Diets are Ranked

U.S. News editors and reporters spend months on this project. They review medical journals, government reports and other resources to create in-depth profiles for the diets that make the cut. The diet profiles include how the diet works,  whether its marketing claims are realistic, and considers how easy or doable it is to live with the diet plan. Of course any possible health risks are also considered.

They also recruit nationally recognized experts (medical doctors, registered dietary nutritionists, nutritional epidemiologists and weight-loss researchers) to evaluate each diet plan. An in-depth survey with over 40 questions centered around lifestyle and health goals is used to objectively review each of the diets.

There are a few reasons DASH always tops the list: It is evidence-based and it’s flexible. DASH is an acronym – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – for the clinical research trial that ran randomized control studies for the diet plan. The diet plan is doable because there is some flexibility with the food choices. In addition, a DASH diet plan can include a variety of foods that are widely accessible. It focuses on adding more fruits and vegetables into the diet. This can include any type of fresh, canned or frozen fruit or vegetable, or canned beans. It also includes 2-3 servings of low fat dairy foods. Individual food choices can be made within the dietary parameters based on your cultural preferences.

Learn More About DASH

If you or someone you love has high blood pressure, it’s important to keep it in check. Take your prescribed medication as directed. However when adopt a DASH diet meal plan, you may even be able to reduce your dose of medication once you establish a regular DASH routine.

Check out the book, DASH Diet For Dummies® (2nd ed) to learn more. To get started, you can also download my FREE DASH Diet Quick Guide.