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12 Random Things I’m Loving This Winter

12 Random Things I’m Loving This Winter


12 Random Things I’m Loving This Winter

Since so many of you loved my “random things” post (back in the Fall), today we’re back with another edition, Winter style.

You can tell a lot about a person when you ask what their latest obsessions are….. and after sharing a lot of these in passing lately, and keeping track of how many DM’s come in asking for links to something, and texting them to my best girlfriends, I thought why not round them up in one spot? The little life-giving things.

Truth: I test a lot (*a lot*) of products for my job: natural skincare, wellness tools, natural beauty, etc. Most of which you’ll rarely hear about, unless I have been testing/using it on my own for at least a month, AND I love it. And that it makes a difference that I can truly notice. AND that the ingredients are pure, clean and simple.

And then, there’s just the little daily joys. Especially in Winter. And the things that make life more delightful, restful, happier or more boosted. We all could use a little bit more of that these days.


1.These CBD drops from Equilibria: just a tiny bit helps me rest, especially on those nights when my mind doesn’t want to turn off. When I know I need a good, restful sleep (or whenever I travel), these give me the perfect snooze with zero effects the next morning! You can also use them during the day to combat everyday anxiety. I love the Essential Bundle to start, but if you just want to try one thing, make it the Daily Drops or The Limited Edition Daily Drops (my fav, it’s like vanilla). The Sleep Gummies or Sleep Melts are also great too. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for 20% off your order!

2.This plumping serum: it’ll bring your winter skin back to LIFE! You guys know that I’m always rotating & trying new clean skincare. But this baby is ALWAYS my go-to for the winter months. You can use it morning or night for a fresh glow and a dose of hydration and plumping. Pair with my fav cleansing oil and you don’t have to do a thing more! Use code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for 15% off your entire Primally Pure order! I also love the tea tree or charcoal deodorant, the baby balm (aka my fav under-eye cream), and the lip balms. 

3.My favorite running shoes, now in the cutest colors! (Thank the Lord, it finally happened! I would have worn them in any color but the new options are so good.) And after last week’s Q + A day, I’m so glad I’m not alone in my need for a *true* workout shoe (not just a pair that looks cute). Being able to work out for my entire life is truly a goal of mine, and these keep my joints and feeling aligned and my feet feeling great for all my walks & workouts. 

4. The robe of my dreams: AKA the best Nordstrom Rack purchase of my life. I don’t know if I should brag about how much I wear this in my daily life, but one thing is for sure: it makes my nightly bath and shower routine feel so complete. 

5.These new liposomal vitamin c & propolis goo packs: the perfect afternoon pick me up that also boosts your immune system. Is that not amazing?! I got a chance to try these early and I’ve had one every day since. Just add it to the long list of healing & boosting favorites of mine from this woman-run company. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for 20% off your order. While you’re stocking up, don’t miss their immune spray, natural cough syrups and the best honey I’ve ever had (for kids & adults too!) . Seriously, these products work!

6.My fav natural face foundations: okay, I now have two favorites, so I’m going to rave about both of them. They each feel more like hydrating skincare than heavy makeup, which is my # 1 requirement. The first option, which gives the lighter coverage of the two: this true skin serum by Ilia. I use the color Salina. And then, one of my girlfriends told me about this second, more full coverage option: this Beautifully Flawless Foundation. I have been giving it a whirl the last 2 months whenever I’m getting fully ready (photoshoots, date nights, girls nights, etc) and I’m so obsessed. It’s full coverage but goes on so smooth, and doesn’t *feel* heavy.  I have the 2.5 color now, and could probably do the 2.0 for wintertime. Both of these are great, clean, non-toxic options! 

7.The red light device that’s getting me to meditate: If you follow along with my morning routines on IG, you know I’m soooo into  red light therapy right now– especially for winter. Red light modalities can help with anti-aging, boost collagen production, cellular boosting, de-stressing, muscle/joint recovery, mood-boosting and so much more. Aside from all of that, the best part might be that it’s gotten me to meditate multiple times a week– because I do them both at the same time for 10 minutes. A double win. And so doable, even for those of us who tell ourselves we don’t “have time” to meditate. I love that this company has more affordable models than most, low EMF’s and great ratings. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for 5% off any purchase! I have the mito pro 300, and it’s plenty big for gettting my face & neck in one session, or my back for healing. 

8.The sweatshirt I can’t take off lately: because there is nothing better in life than feeling cozy AND put together. It’s a hard blend to strike sometimes, and this has been my favorite go-to! I have an XS in the cream color, and am so obsessed I got the charcoal one in my Nuuly order this month (get $10 off your first order here, it’s so fun!)  And side note, it runs a little large, so you may want to size down. 

9.These rainboots. I wear them more than any other shoe right now (ok, aside from my workout shoes). They go with everything, are SO comfortable and I love the patent leather look to brighten up grey days! 

10.This lip tint: because I’m brightening up the winter, per usual. I love and have both colors! It lasts forever, and you can layer the stain for a muted or bold look. And the best part? Once dried, it doesn’t rub off on anything (or anyone!). This is a perfect little Valentine’s Day treat for yourself 🙂

11.My new favorite chlorophyll drops: I put them in my 1st-thing-in-the-morning supercharged water. This brand has the perfect blend of mint and clean taste, without any additives. It’s the easiest way to start your day feeling energized and hydrated, and it’s a natural detoxer for the body (including stinky sweat, bad breath, etc). Just 10-12 drops in a big cold glass of water is all ya need!

12.My fav new amazon sweater: yes, really. Dress it up or down! I just love the lines on this one. I just replaced a similar one that was getting old from years of nursing, and am so happy I did. Definitely a closet staple for me this winter! 

The range of things, right?! Pretty much sums up my life. And probably yours too in a lot of ways. I hope this list sparks some joy & delight in your days too. 

Photo by Talitha Bullock



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