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Why Pressuring Kids To Eat Can Backfire

Why Pressuring Kids To Eat Can Backfire

Inside: Find out why pressuring your kid to eat more can actually backfire–plus 10 things to do instead!

Dry macaroni noodles are arranged into a frowning face.

It’s spaghetti night, your child’s favorite.

She hops into her seat, takes one bite of noodles, and announces she’s done.

“But you love spaghetti,” you say in disbelief.

“No I don’t,” she answers.

Instantly, you feel your blood pressure rising. 

You made a meal you thought was a slam-dunk. She hasn’t eaten in hours, so she’s got to be hungry. And you know she likes spaghetti because she scarfed down two bowls of it last week.

So you offer a deal: “Two more bites and you can get down from the table.”

Or you make a promise: “If you eat your spaghetti, you can have a cupcake.”

Or maybe you issue a threat: “If you don’t eat at least five bites of dinner, we’re not watching a movie tonight.”