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Wholesome Living For The Whole Family: 16 Tips

Wholesome Living For The Whole Family: 16 Tips

A happy and healthy lifestyle is the only way to wholesome living for the whole family. This includes staying together, eating a healthy diet, focusing on mental health, and being physically active.

Lifestyle changes during the coronavirus pandemic have made us spend more time with our family. This new habit makes it easier to influence your family’s lifestyle. The ideas below will help you keep your home routine healthy and fun.

wholesome living for the whole family

16 Tips for Wholesome Living For The Whole Family

Everyone wants to live a long happy, and life. The secret of wholesome living for the whole family is understanding and encouraging the importance of little things like food, exercise, and other activities that improve a healthy lifestyle.

You can make smart decisions and healthy habits for your family by making simple changes in your daily routine. The main part of wholesome living for the whole family is communication.

1. Family That Eats Together Stays Together

The role of parents is important in educating children about the importance of healthy food and the model of a healthy diet that children need to eat every day. It can be so easy to learn the good habit of eating together with your kids. Avoid using phones, newspapers, or even television while eating, instead talk about your children’s day.

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2. Track Your Family’s Health

For the greatest success in establishing more wholesome living for the whole family from the start, get everyone on board with everyone’s health needs. Keep up with regular health checkups for your kids. These visits to the health experts track your child’s growth and behavior, as well as their eating habits and social development.

3. Exercise Together

Whatever exercise type your family chooses, it is essential to consider the current ages and fitness levels of all family members. Then, you can start wholesome living for the whole family by increasing the intensity and duration of different activities.
You may have a friendly competition between Netflix episodes or during commercial breaks. The goal is to see who can do more pushups, jumping jacks, or hold the plank the longest. That’s what opens the window. Doing more physical activities together is good for your family’s health.

Following are some fun and easy ways to increase physical activities and encourage more wholesome living for the whole family throughout the day:

  • Walking & hiking and using stairs instead of elevators.
  • Grow a herb garden
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming is the best exercise.
  • Jumping on a trampoline or with a skipping rope
  • Laser tag
  • Family sports like miniature golf, tennis, jump rope, and basketball.
  • Visit a farm
  • Rock climbing
  • Nature walk
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Dancing
  • Skate Boarding
  • Hula Hoop

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4. Learn to Say Sorry

Another important key to wholesome living for the whole family is respect. Admit your mistakes and apologize to your children. Try to be very respectful to your family. This behavior can improve your health and well-being, as well as teach children to forgive and forget their grievances.

5. Take control of portions

The next main step to move towards more wholesome living for the whole is to purge your kitchen of any non-compliant foods and ingredients.  Each meal should include a variety of fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to force your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, but you should make sure they are available. Healthy eating is important. Your kids are watching. Sometimes let the kids make the food.

Wholesome Living

Healthy Swaps for Everyday Food and Drinks:

  1. Replace regular bread with gluten-free bread, whole grain, and sprouted bread.
  2. Drink sparkling water, green tea, or cucumber water instead of soda.
  3. Replace veggies, homemade veggie chips, or roasted chickpeas with fries and chips.
  4. Eat oatmeal, chia pudding, or whole wheat toast instead of sugary cereal
  5. Replace dairy products with plant-based products like Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, or organic soy milk.
  6. Make food with coconut oil or Extra virgin olive oil instead of seeds, and vegetable oils.
  7. Replace mayo with mustard.

6. Share Household Chores

All the family members should participate in the daily household chores through assignments given by the parents. Parents should divide tasks into parts. This can save time and allow children to learn abilities that should be there over a long period.

Tasks can vary by capacity, from cleaning tables and watering plants to helping with garbage sorting at home. Involve your children in meal preparation with you.

7. Get Good Sleep

Children need good sleep to be successful. Children should be given a regular bedtime, and they should not be glued to screens. A six to eight-hour good night’s sleep is essential for a wholesome family, from a child to an adult.

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8. Always Try to Discover New Things

You can make a list of activities you want to do together and then hang it somewhere that everyone can see. Try to take out your family once a week for an outing.

9. Strengthen Your Character

Incorporate strength and flexibility into your family’s exercise program. Calf lifting and stretching can be as easy as brushing your teeth.

10. Happiness

Kids idolize the behavior of adults in their life, especially their parents and siblings. Every day, find something to laugh about with your family. Laughter can reduce stress and anxiety. Several studies have found that positive sentiments create greater chances of building resources for wholesome living for the whole family.

11. Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Be kind to your family and friends, and instill the importance of building strong relationships. Children will see that giving and receiving are not possible, which can lead to real happiness. Be sure to schedule regular virtual time with the people you love who are not in your home.

12. Show Your Gratitude

Encourage everyone to make a gratitude jar. Each day, encourage them to write a note with something they are grateful for. When you’re all at your dinner table, take the time to read the notes before or after eating.

13. Lead From the Front

If you’re having trouble transitioning your family, you can start by modeling healthy behaviors. Have an open heart and mind. Part of wholesome living for the whole family m is giving your children room to grow. You can be sure that they will follow your lead once you see the positive changes you make.

some living for the whole family

14. Reduce Stress

Relaxation and mindfulness essentials for wholesome living for the whole family. It is impossible to avoid stress completely. However, there are some effective ways you can try to manage stress. For example, doing activities like yoga or meditation and spending time outside with family. You can find free videos online on yoga and watch them with your kids.

Tips to encourage more wholesome living for the whole family:

  1. Listen to some soothing music together.
  2. Ditch your phone before bed.
  3. Reading a book.
  4. Write a to-do list for tomorrow.
  5. Take a look on the day before bed. 
  6. Morning gratitude.
  7. Practice meditation with your children.
  8. Laugh more.

15. Make Social Connections

Humans are social creatures and people who live alone get stressed more easily and are more likely to live a dull life. Those who do have friends are more likely to adopt strategies that can be used for wholesome living for the whole family. People in social relationships live with improved health and become strong enough to live independently.

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16. Overcome Your Addictions

Children love screen time on computers, TV, mobile, etc. That should be a privilege and allowed only after homework and chores. Screen time should not exceed two hours per day and screens should not be allowed in your child’s bedroom. Inspire them to play outdoors rather than playing on an Xbox.

Final Thoughts

No matter how good our plans are, if we want wholesome living for the whole family, everyone needs to try their best to achieve the goal. If we want our kids to eat healthily and exercise, we have to be role models. You are not perfect, but if you have determination and perseverance, you will become an inspiration to your family.