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WHO EMRO | WHO health supplies move towards Gaza | News

WHO EMRO | WHO health supplies move towards Gaza | News

WHO health supplies move towards Gaza

21 October 2023, Cairo, Egypt — Four trucks carrying WHO health supplies have started to move towards the Rafah border crossing, on their way to Gaza.

The supplies include trauma medicines and supplies for 1200 people and 235 portable trauma bags for on-the-spot stabilization of injured patients. They also include medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases for 1500 people, and basic essential medicines and health supplies for 300,000 people for three months.

WHO is working with the Egyptian and Palestine Red Crescent societies to ensure the safe passage of these critical supplies and their delivery to hospitals and health facilities.

Inside Gaza, hospitals have already reached breaking point due to shortages and depletion of medicines and medical supplies.

These supplies are a lifeline for severely injured people or those battling chronic and other illnesses, who have endured a harrowing two weeks of limited access to care and severe shortages of medicines and medical supplies.

WHO calls for the protection of aid convoys and humanitarian teams in Gaza as they work to ensure the safe delivery of these supplies to where they are most needed.

The supplies currently heading into Gaza will barely begin to address the escalating health needs as hostilities continue to grow. A scaled up and protected aid operation is desperately needed

A second plane landed in Al-Arish from the United Arab Emirates yesterday carrying humanitarian supplies donated by IOM, UNICEF, the Emirati Red Crescent, and WHO. WHO supplies include surgical instruments and equipment for 1000 people, as well as tents and water tanks.

Another plane carrying WHO supplies is due to land in Al-Arish later this morning. WHO supplies on these flights include medicines, surgical supplies and instruments, infusions, disinfectant, antibiotics, water tanks, and tents.

With more supplies for Gaza expected to land in Egypt over the coming days, WHO calls for a scaled up, sustained and protected humanitarian operation to prevent avoidable deaths and to reduce avoidable suffering.

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