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What’s Next for Mom to Mom Nutrition

What’s Next for Mom to Mom Nutrition

I’m tired of cooking. And really don’t have a new recipe to share at the moment. Tomorrow I might feel differently! For now, I’m taking a quick minute to write about a rogue topic: ME!

Kidding. You know I’m always good for a homemade pizza! There’s still cooking happening here. Just not many new recipes.

I’ve taken a newfound interest in myself- more specifically, my likes and dislikes when it comes to things beyond food and my children. That includes home, garden, maybe a little fashion, and maybe, just maybe, more slow cooker recipes [don’t worry I’m not going anywhere with recipes!]. Interest simply means just that- I’m noticing more likes and dislikes in my surroundings and things/materials that make up our day to day.


For years I’ve been hyper focused on BABIES and caring for everyone else, that I couldn’t tell you what I LIKED to do outside of my children. Or my marriage. Or my job. Guess what? Divorce forces a lot of change upon oneself. And while I would never recommend someone get a divorce so you can FIND YOU [that’s not the point of this post], I’m constantly reminding myself to look for GOOD or GOD when I’m feeling down about life circumstances. So, that’s where I’m at with this post!

What’s even cooler about this newfound “Finding Katie” moment is that the more I do for me, the more I notice the kids looking my way and maybe giving their mom a little pat on the back. The kids notice my happiness, my change, my yelling [yep, not perfect here]. But the more I grow and change and do so with grace, humor, and occasional hiccups, I give them permission to do the same. The coolest thing is noticing their confidence grows as mine does. Which likely doesn’t seem like an ah-ha moment for many, but for this brain of mine, it’s important to celebrate ALL positive moments. Especially the moments or WINS that have felt unattainable.  

The backyard is also getting a little makeover at the moment. Well, the plan is in place for the makeover. First step? Cleaning, trimming, and… much, much more. 
As for the front? Always a work in progress as it’s the main field for the Serbinski Team.

What’s a WIN at this moment? Tony playing at a friends house and not asking me to stay the entire time. Lily enjoying her bedroom and even starting the night sleeping in her bed. Michael SITTING and listening to Mom read a book with him. Joey READING on his own because his goal is to make it to 10 pages of a book each day [guys, this is big for him!]. 

As for Mom? My WINS are just noticing the growth in myself and my children. And being OK with the change for the moment!

And sometimes that change is me being OK knowing that I don’t have to do all the things. Because I don’t expect that of these 4 either. Kudos to Dad for taking the 4 amigos on a bike ride for ice cream this week! You won’t find me doing that [lol].

So tell me: What small wins can you celebrate today? Drinking more water? Walking at lunch? Texting or calling a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile?