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VMocion secures $3M for virtual motion technology

VMocion secures M for virtual motion technology

VMocion secures $3M for virtual motion technology

VMocion, a technology company focused on allowing users to “feel” the motion they see in extended reality (XR) experiences, announced it secured $3 million in seed funding. 

AZ Crown and Mayo Clinic participated in the round.

Eric Crown of Insight Enterprises will join the company’s board of directors.  


VMocion’s 3V technologies provide users with a sense of physical motion while in extended reality, which includes virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. 

The company says its WAIV algorithmic technology eliminates motion sickness, which some users experience while in an extended reality setting, by sending electrical impulses to one’s inner ear via wearable contact points placed on the skin. 

The impulses stimulate the ear’s vestibular system, awhich creates a sense of balance and spatial orientation in the human body to coordinate movement with balance. 

VMocion says the technology gives users a virtually simulated sense of physical motion that matches what they see on screen.

The Arizona-based company will use the funds to advance its technology. 


Another company working to make extended reality feel more realistic is OVR Technology.

OVR offers ION, its wearable scent technology that utilizes a cartridge that attaches to a virtual reality headset. The cartridge gives off scents, allowing users to experience the smell of the virtual environment.