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Video: Intuitive Eating and Ultra-Processed Food Addiction

Video: Intuitive Eating and Ultra-Processed Food Addiction

Intuitive Having and Ultra-Processed Foodstuff Addiction

I have supplied a lot of podium presentations in my past ten years as a dietitian. Considering that the pandemic, most of them have been digital, occasionally letting for recording. Though I skip touring for live conferences, having my very first little one has manufactured it tricky. So, I am all for the virtual talks!

Commonly, I discover a subject I am passionate about and give the communicate on multiple instances, which makes it possible for me to get really at ease with the slides. I have also been responsible of giving a discuss that is not ideally suited for the viewers due to the fact it’s the communicate I am presenting at that time.

In the greatest-situation scenario, I can modify the slides to in shape the audience. I am understanding to “know the audience” better as a speaker. Nevertheless, it can be really hard to pick up on viewers cues from virtual presentations.

Above the last 9 months, I have provided my chat “Intuitive Ingesting and Extremely-Processed Food items Addiction” fifty percent a dozen instances. Every time was an improvement from the last. I eradicated some slides and included new types as new reports arrived in and new details necessary to be manufactured.

Some have been recorded, and I have gotten excellent suggestions on them. I appreciate finding comments from colleagues, and I invite you to present yours following looking at this a person!

My most recent presentation was at the Patton State Clinic Once-a-year Diet Seminar, hosted by dietetic interns and out there to the medical center team. This was the finest presentation I have ever presented. I even obtained choked up (emotional) at one particular position.

I just can’t wait around for you to observe it it is practically an hour and a 50 %.



The intuitive feeding on local community insists that food addiction does not exist. But proof suggests usually. There is a well timed want to explore convergence and divergence amongst differing educational institutions of believed. In this presentation, Dr. David Wiss utilizes storytelling to share his journey as a dietitian in mental and behavioral health settings. This presentation discusses the shortcomings of the foodstuff dependancy build and the shortcomings of the intuitive feeding on assemble. A few medical vignettes will be offered.

At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will be equipped to:

1) Describe the present-day controversies surrounding the food items addiction construct.

2) Describe prospective explanations for larger self-described food items dependancy rates between these with consuming disorders.

3) Describe the prospective connections involving food dependancy and dietary restraint.

4) Explain how meals addiction and rules of intuitive taking in converge and diverge.

5) Conceptualize opportunity treatment method methods for food habit centered on the existence of other psychiatric diagnoses this sort of as consuming disorders, compound use issues, PTSD, and depressive signs.

6) Focus on 3 scientific vignettes with attendees and investigate various cure strategies.


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The “intuitive taking in food addiction” discussion is just starting. In 2011, the authors of Intuitive Consuming launched a assertion that meals dependancy does not exist. In 2022, one of the authors mentioned “I really don’t consider in foodstuff dependancy at all” and this clipped is shared in the presentation.

What say you? Scholarly discourse is also welcomed.