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Top 5 Wellness Destinations: Take your Wellness to the Next Level

Top 5 Wellness Destinations: Take your Wellness to the Next Level

It’s no doubt you’ve heard about “wellness retreats” over the past few years. Their popularity has practically skyrocketed, with numerous travelers choosing them over more traditional vacation options. The offer to be pampered, relaxed and massaged definitely sounds like an enticing offer, yet, with so many options available to you around the globe, where should you visit for the ultimate experience?

If you’ve been feeling a little neglected lately, or in need of a little TLC, then arranging a wellness getaway for your next vacation should be at the top of your list.

Top 5 Wellness Destinations: Take your Wellness to the Next Level

Depending on which retreat you eventually choose, you can likely expect to be roused in the morning with a brisk sunrise hike, then get in some spinning, or perhaps a little Zumba, all before you have an incredibly healthy, organic breakfast. At midday, you could have a tantalizing bamboo massage, followed by a coffee facial, all of the help you unwind before dinner, which of course will once more be fully organic.

In the following article, we want to provide you with our picks for the best wellness retreats around the world. We are basing our picks on a few factors, namely: location, service and how holistic the retreat’s approach to wellness actually is. Based on this, each retreat can receive a total score of 3/3, with the full score being reserved only for our absolute favorite.

The retreats selected are from around the world, meaning air travel will likely be required to visit most of them. Although most airports will offer public transport, we recommend booking an airport transfer, as this will allow you to relax and prepare for your upcoming retreat. A reputable provider, who offer their service in all the locations listed below is AtoB Transfer. Make sure to check out the website of this airport taxi service after deciding on which location you plan to visit.

5. Aelia Wellness Retreat – Nicosia, Cyprus

Deep in the heartland of the Mediterranean paradise of Cyprus, one can find Aelia. A retreat created to bring together mind, body and soul into a crescendo of pure tranquility and euphoria. They offer a top-notch spa experience, as well as fine-dining and eco-friendly accommodation. In addition, a wide range of activities, such as horse riding, cooking classes and wellness workshops are provided in their packages. As the smallest addition to our list, this retreat is the perfect option for those seeking serenity, away from the busy city.

Location: 1/1

Service: 0.6/1

Holistic Approach: 0.2/1

Total Score: 1.8/3

4. Aman – New York, USA

Speaking of being away from busy cities, our next entry is in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, which is easily reachable by airport transfer! That may sound like the least serene area to put a wellness retreat, yet, in some way, the century-old building that Aman is situated in, perfectly pulls it off. The Hotel & Residencies boasts not one, but two spa houses, all of which are equipped with the latest in spa-technology. In either, one can fully customize their own spa journey, with visits to hot tubs, the cold-plunge pool, Hammam steam room or Banya sauna.

Location: 0.6/1

Service: 0.9/1

Holistic Approach: 0.6/1

Total Score: 2.1/3

3. Aro Hā Wellness Retreat – Glenorchy, New Zealand

A research and evidence-based approach to mind and body regeneration, this retreat in the hinterlands of New Zealand aims to improve overall well-being through everyday habits. Starting from a Tibetan chime to awaken you in the morning, they offer a wide range of activities, including yoga, mindfulness classes, and an infrared sauna, among others, all to align your inner being to its full capability. You are provided with the opportunity to get away from technology, out in the wild, where the sun glistening off the Wakatipu Lake will bring you closer to nature, and thus your true being.

Location: 1/1

Service: 0.6/1

Holistic Approach: 0.7/1

Total Score: 2.2/3

2. Brenners Park, Hotel & Spa – Baden-Baden, Germany

Deep within the mystical Black Forest, this 150-year-old classical retreat has firmly cemented itself into the upper echelons of wellness retreats. The natural Baden-Baden thermal springs are just a short distance away, meaning you can rejuvenate yourself purely in nature. Following this, one can proceed to visit their medical spa, where both aesthetic dentistry and dermatology services are offered. In addition, they offer a wide range of package deals, with especially enticing ones for couples looking for a retreat together.

Location: 1/1

Service: 0.8/1

Holistic Approach: 0.3/1

Total Score: 2.2/3

1. Arctic Bath Hotel – Harads, Sweden

The creme-de-la-creme of wellness retreats, in our humble opinion. This floating paradise in Swedish Lapland allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in self-care, while also leaving only a minimal environmental footprint. Cold baths are the pièce de résistance here, which are then supplemented with a hot sauna afterwards. This process, it is believed, boosts the immune system, and can even have a beneficial effect on ailments. With views of the Northern lights and Midnight sun, not only are you getting a world-class treatment, you also have some of the most enchanting views available.

Location: 1/1

Service: 1/1

Holistic Approach: 0.8/1

Total Score: 2.8/3

With that, we reach the end of our list. We hope our selection of retreats has stirred your interest in taking care of both your body and soul. Although we have chosen to rank these retreats, we believe that all 5 of them are amazing, and definitely worth a visit. With the recent explosion in wellness-related holidays, these 5 take it to another level.

Wellness is more than just a buzzword popping up on social media every now and then, although many naysayers will claim the opposite. The opportunity to connect yourself with the earth and your soul is much more than just something yogis say. It’s an opportunity to actually become one, bringing together the power deep within you, as well as that within the earth you stand upon; which sadly is neglected by most in society.