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The Steps to Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ 

The Steps to Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ 

The Nutrition Network offers two set Pathways, one being our Medical Certification Pathway for medical practitioners, doctors, and all those with a medical qualification and our Coach Certification Pathway for non-medical personnel.

Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ signifies that you have acquired the highest level of knowledge and skill in the field and are recognized as a certified practitioner. Candidates are carefully selected based on their unwavering passion and vision to make an impact within LCHF nutrition, as well as having complied with the following qualifying criteria:

Complete one Professional Training from the list below:

  1. Professional Training in LCHF/Keto Nutrition & Treatment
  2. Professional Training in LCHF for Dietitians
  3. Professional Training in LCHF for Nurses
  4. Advisor Training *
    * The Advisor Training is a prerequisite for candidates applying for the Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification.

Complete the Advanced Training: LCHF in Clinical Practice Training

This training consists of both Core and Elective Modules. All three Core Modules must be completed:

  • Module 1: Evolutionary and Scientific Evidence
  • Module 2: LCHF for Practical Medical Applications
  • Module 3: Prescribing LCHF in Clinical Practice

Three Elective modules must be completed:

Please note, that the Advisor Training will count as 1 Elective if it is taken in addition to one other Professional Training listed in Step 1. 

Please complete the form at this link to apply or contact [email protected] for more.