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The Opposite Of Partying • Kath Eats

The Opposite Of Partying • Kath Eats

Dance all night or sip tea in sweatpants? Here are some thoughts on having a healthier mindset.

Sitting Is The Opposite Of Standing

If you spend any time on Instagram, you might have heard Brian Jordan Alvarez’s song “Sitting” (<– that’s a link to Apple Music to listen!).

“Sitting” is a catchy tune with a very simple message sung by Brian’s character TJ Mack (pictured below). The song went viral after a bunch of different musical artists started making covers of the song. My very favorite cover is the musical theater audition! I think the message of “you deserve to sit” is a secondary reason the song is so popular! Everyone needs more relaxing in their lives. 

Brian/TJ have been interviewed all over the media. You might also like TJ’s songs “Inside,” “Chicas In My DMs,” and “Pickle In The Fridge.” Maybe there will be a tour soon now that he is a popstar. Read more about the characters Brian Jordan Alvarez has created in this article!

Needless to say, everyone in my family spent the entire month of October with “Sitting” stuck in our heads. 

Sometimes I would start to sing in other opposites, which lead me to have a think once about what the opposite of partying is. 

(Stick with me – this post does have a point!) 

‘Tis The Season For Partying

My definition of “partying” for this post is mostly tied to drinking alcohol, maybe also eating too much food that doesn’t leave your body feeling great. Or otherwise throwing any intentions you had to respect your body out the window in exchange for living in the moment. Perhaps partying is the opposite of intuitive eating.

Most often partying leaves me feeling hungover and/or bad. And I am too old to ever feel bad due to something that was in my control.

Thankfully, around the time I turned 40, something clicked in me and I starting figuring out that nothing is ever worth trading for feeling your best. All I really care about is how I feel. This led me down my quest to a more sober curious life with all the best non-alcoholic drinks I’ve discovered. 

But that’s not to say that I don’t still get tempted to crack open a can of wine on a weeknight or get swept away in the fun of a party. 

Cozy Is The Opposite Of Partying

When I think about the opposite of partying… it’s cozy. 

If partying is a girls’ trip to an island with bottomless margaritas, staying up until midnight dancing at a club, then cozy is a wellness trip to a spa where you spend your days hiking and doing yoga and sipping on smoothies and coconut water. 

BOTH options sound fun, but one of them would leave me feeling terribly and one would leave me feeling amazing. 

The main reason I want to have alcohol at home is to celebrate something. It’s a teacher workday! I got a new client! It’s Friday! And when I feel this long-time conditioning starting to create a craving, I’ve been imagining myself doing the opposite: getting cozy, lighting a candle, playing spa music, reading a good book or watching a show with Thomas on the couch, going to bed early.

These vibes turn off cravings to party.

And let’s be honest: sleep is the ultimate cozy luxury. When I have a healthy day with some exercise, real food focus, and no alcohol, I sleep all night without waking up. A dream night! (Pun intended.) 

I share this in case you have similar cultural conditioning to me and are also looking to put your health first. Get cozy, relish in self care, and focus on activities that make you feel good. 

This time of year, it’s good to embrace the cozy anyways!