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The new dark side of ultra-processed meat

The new dark side of ultra-processed meat

Highly processed foods such as potato chips, hot dogs and soft drinks are suspected of causing significant health damage. A new study has revealed another dark side of “ultra-processed foods.” Which products are harmful – and which are not.

Potato chips, sausages, sugary lemonade – highly processed foods are widely consumed. According to all current knowledge, it is not healthy.

This is indicated by several studies that appeared, among others, in the famous journal The Lancet. In January, researchers used data from 200,000 UK citizens aged 40 to 69 to find that consumption of highly processed foods is associated with an increased risk of cancer. There is talk of ovarian and brain tumors. Heart disease is also linked to highly processed foods.

One A new cohort study, recently published in The Lancet Regional Health, highlights another dark side – multimorbidity. Among these To understand diseases that occur at the same time.

There are also Germans among the study participants

Nutrition experts evaluated data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition survey. In this study, 266,666 people – including 60% women – provided information about their diet and lifestyle between 1992 and 2000. The latter was taken into account in the analysis or controlled as a variable. These include questions such as whether the person smokes or how much they exercise.

Participants come from seven European countries (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom) and were free of cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes at the time they provided their information, and the researchers wrote in their work that their ages ranged from 35 to 74 years.

Eleven years later, the individuals developed multiple diseases

Accordingly, study participants consumed On average, 413 grams (men) and 326 grams (women) of “ultra-processed foods” (UPF) per day. Every three to four years after the first survey period, test subjects had to provide more information about their health status.

In this context, it was found that after an average of 11.2 years, 4,461 participants – 39 percent of whom were women – developed multiple diseases. According to the study, these are linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems.

According to the authors Increased risk of developing multiple such diseases, of UPF consumption is about 260 grams per day. Alcoholic drinks not included.

What highly processed foods were consumed?

Individuals consume different UPF. Including highly processed breads, biscuits, breakfast cereals, salty snacks, ready-made sauces and condiments, and desserts including ice cream and ready-made desserts. Also on the list of highly processed foods: Processed cheese, milk substitutes, meat substitutes, pork and processed beef as well as soft drinks and fruit drinks – with sugar or sugar substitutes.

the Significantly increased likelihood of becoming multimorbid, According to the study, this was linked to the consumption of animal products and drinks sweetened artificially or with sugar. However, there was no statistically significant increase in risk associated with heavily processed breads or cereals. in Vegetarian alternatives to animal foods According to the researchers, there was no connection at all with the risk of developing multiple diseases.

sources: The scalpel, Lancet Regional Health

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