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The Home Stretch (Out Of Office) • Kath Eats

The Home Stretch (Out Of Office) • Kath Eats

An update on KERF!

I’ll Be Out Of Office For August

Hi friends, 

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m going on low power mode for the month of August. 

Here’s what we have coming up in August:

  • This week we’re moving out of our rental house. 
  • I’m also packing up the kids and me for an unknown-but-hopefully-less-than-two-week stay at my parents’ house in North Carolina. Thomas and Gus will be staying at his parents’ house while we’re gone.
  • On Thursday, the kids and I are driving to NC to begin our visit. 
  • On Friday, I’m driving to Charlotte for the Beautycounter LEAD conference! 
  • On Sunday, I’m going back to my parents’ to do some NC activities until Thomas gives me the green light that he’s scheduled the movers. 
  • Then I’m (hopefully) driving back to Cville alone to help him move us into our newly renovated house. 
  • There will be 1,000,000 things to unpack and organize. (THE FUN PART!) 
  • Then we’ll get the kids back to Cville in some way to stay for the first time in their finished new rooms! 
  • After we move in, we have a week or so (with no childcare) until school starts for Mazen to enjoy the new house and cross off any summer bucket list activities. 
  • Birch doesn’t go back to school until September (aka I will be playing LOTS of make believe games). 

In conclusion, life this month will be very unpredictable! (And also very exciting.) 

Gus and the kids

Low Power Mode

When I began to brainstorm how to best organize life for this stretch, I realized I would need to put the blog on low power mode much like I did during my maternity leave with Birch.

If I have time to sneak to a coffee shop and share some life updates in photos, I totally will.

I am hoping to share some pics from the Beautycounter weekend and from my time in Hillsborough. And probably a “pics from the move” post too. But I’m not planning to publish any new content this month. I know y’all are just here for the lifestyle posts anyways!

On the other side, I cannot wait to share some updates from our new home! This has been a dream come true.

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The Home Stretch

It’s not over till it’s over, but I will be so relieved when it is.

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. Did I ever mention that the bed at our rental that was listed as a king is not actually a king? It’s an Olympic Queen (google it) and is 10″ narrower than a king. I know that is a total minor issue, but 5 months of sleeping hot and crowded has my Tempurpedic top of mind for things I am excited about after we move in! Also: organizing drawers. 

I’ll also be really glad to have Saturdays with Thomas back. He’s worked on the house every weekend since March and most afternoons when his ‘normal’ workday is over, saving us money and getting it done faster. He needs a good staycation when this is over to enjoy the space he created! 

Destination: home sweet home!

home sweet home lemon