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The Cheat Codes to Sane Weight Loss

The Cheat Codes to Sane Weight Loss

Frustrated woman with scaleIf you’ve ever wondered how to lose weight, I can assure you that you are in exactly the right place. Chances are you’re reading this after tireless attempts through unsustainable methods that can make you feel like a failure for not being able to stick with it. You really desire to lose weight to get healthy, but your body doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

That’s because the yo-yo dieting approach never addresses the underlying reasons you’re not losing weight. And there are always reasons!

If you dig deeper than what you can visually see on the surface, which is usually the weight, you’ll see a bunch of other stuff that typically goes along with it, like…

  • gut imbalances and infections (bloating, constipation, poor digestion, food sensitivities)
  • fatty acid imbalance (cellular inflammation)
  • liver and biliary stress
  • blood sugar dysregulation
  • fatigue
  • stress (often chronic)
  • poor sleep
  • hormonal chaos
  • toxicity in your environment (home, relationships, work, family)
  • poor diet and nutritional deficiencies
  • mineral imbalances
  • depression
  • mindset imbalance

What you resist, will persist! 

If you just focus on losing the weight, you’re totally ignoring everything that contributed and setting the stage for the weight loss and regain cycle to happen again and again because you never really addressed why the weight gain started in the first place…

It’s like painting and cleaning the outside windows of your house 🧹🧼🧽 when your house is burning down 🔥🚒

You have to shut off all your internal fires🔥 before you focus on the outside aesthetics (i.e. your weight)!

The Cheat Codes (these are the things keeping you from losing weight)

After working with hundreds and hundreds of clients all over the world, the barriers that keep people from losing weight are abundantly clear. Get ready to take some notes on the four MAJOR issues:

Problem #1: Liver Sluggishness and Toxicity

Did you know that ‘dilution is the solution to pollution’? Meaning, if your body is dealing with a toxic burden because it’s not able to take out the trash fast enough, adding extra body fat allows a safe place to ‘dilute’ and store the extra toxins.

The first step to make this extra fat unnecessary is to start reducing your toxic burden. This starts assessing your diet and lifestyle.

And did you know that your gut and liver health are KEY components for producing enough thyroid hormone (T3) for your metabolism run like it should? It’s not a thyroid issue, it’s a liver issue!

How to address it:

Problem #2: Stress Hormone Imbalances

Did you know your blood sugar and specifically insulin resistance has a huge impact on your waistline?

How to address it: Focus on blood sugar balance at every meal.

Problem #3: Protein Deficiency

Your body needs the right protein balance and nutrients to help your body function optimally enough to make weight loss a priority. Protein is also extremely important to support your liver (re-read problem #1).

How to address it: get strategic about your protein intake, especially the amino acids that support detoxification. You’ll want to read this blog post at least two times to get started on problem #3.

Problem #4: Digestive issues (especially bloating and constipation)

Did you know the bacteria in your gut can predispose you to gain weight?

Conditions like estrogen dominance and small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO) can both encourage weight gain by way of your gut bacteria.

Certain types of gut bacteria produce beta-glucuronidase enzymes that can re-activate (or deconjugate) estrogens that were already detoxified (conjugated) and on their way out of the body leading to estrogen dominance. Decreasing levels of beta-glucuronidase enzyme producing bacteria in your gut is key to stopping the cycle of estrogen recirculation, as well as estrogen’s impact on weight. [2]

Balancing your gut and supporting your digestion should be a top priority.

My favorite way to assess beta-glucuronidase levels as well as the gut microbiome is the GI Map test.

And because the liver/gallbladder helps to regulate your gut, gut issues almost always stem from the liver having ‘too much work to do’.

How to address it: Start understanding your gut and what it needs. This may include GI Map testing, a 1-1 consultation or ecourse to get a clear understanding on your next steps.

The Cheat Codes (the Full Version)

The Align to Weight Loss to Reboot Your Metabolism Masterclass is a paid online digital masterclass with the information spread out over two weeks.

I’ll be sharing things I CAN’T share in a public place like:

  • The game-changing paradigm shifts that no one is talking about to flip the switch from fat storing to fat burning 🚀
  • The exact supplements, supports and food-based approach to align to weight loss 🔬
  • The research-based connections between your hormones, cortisol, insulin resistance and your weight 📊
  • The microbiome connection to weight loss resistance 💀
  • Mineral factors that must be considered 👀
  • How to reboot your metabolism naturally vs. relying on crash diets and quick fixes 💊
  • Recommended testing and more! 🚀

It’s time to align your body to weight loss and reboot your metabolism naturally by identifying + putting out your internal fires so that effortless weight loss happens as a natural byproduct of creating health. Not something you have to trick or manipulate your body into doing!

And because action = results 🚀 and inaction = feeling the ‘same ol’ way,’ your actions today must match how your future self wants to FEEL to allow for change to materialize.

Checkout before tonight night  to grab this masterclass for $109 before the price goes up on to $222 on Monday!

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Stop taking the uphill battle to weight loss. It’s time to set yourself up for success and stack the deck in your favor when it comes to weight by putting out your body’s internal fires so you can reboot your metabolism naturally!

Can’t wait to see you inside!

Here’s the fine print:

  • Purchase includes access to the masterclass once it’s available in early June for a duration of 90 days.
  • Purchase includes the Personal Nutrition Assessment so you can identify your ‘body’s internal fires’ so you know what to focus on in the masterclass!
  • Access (username/password) will be emailed out after checkout.

This masterclass is NOT for anyone looking for a quick fix like a:

  • restrictive or fad diet (keto, carnivore, HCG, vegan, etc.)
  • cleanse or detox
  • 1200 calorie starvation diet

This is for ambitious, high performing women who are ready to understand their body’s internal fires and work through them so they can reboot their metabolism, align to weight loss and feel exceptional (not average)! 🤸💃