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Summer Skin Edit: My Favorite Natural Skincare Products for Summer

Summer Skin Edit: My Favorite Natural Skincare Products for Summer

As we get deeper into summer, you might be craving a sun-kissed glow and dewy, moisturized skin. Can I get an amen? But healthy skin can be tougher to achieve with hotter temps, dry air and sweat galore. In my experience, the best way to get glowing, beautiful skin is with non-toxic and natural skincare products, even when we’re enjoying the summer to the fullest.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook the ingredients in our skincare products. But trust me, your skin will thank you when you make the switch to non-toxic alternatives.

It’s been years now since I’ve made the switch to natural products, and my skin’s only gotten healthier with time. Many conventional skincare products contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and other chemicals that can be hard on your skin, leading to irritation, dryness and long-term damage.

There’s something magical about embracing a more natural way of living, starting with the stuff you use daily on your skin. You’ll feel the difference, inside and out.

Natural products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them a safer option for you and your loved ones. Especially for busy mamas who often have little ones eager to imitate our every move, using non-toxic skincare sets the pace for how to care for ourselves (and the environment too).

Also be sure to check out my podcast episode about why I switched to non-toxic products for more insight and tips, here on Spotify or Apple!

One of my biggest skincare recs for summer might be a surprise:

Natural deodorant.

It might not be what you typically think of as “skincare,” but deodorant actually impacts so much of our health. And when we’re using it more often in the summer, we want to make sure we’re swiping on ones made with GOOD, solid ingredients.

Truth— conventional deodorants often contain harsh chemicals and aluminum, which can block your pores and disrupt your body’s natural detoxification process. But natural deodorants work with your body, allowing it to sweat while neutralizing any odors. They harness the power of plant-based ingredients and soothing essential oils to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. 

My FAVORITE natural deodorant is on sale right now too just for you guys only!!— With a special extra 15% off code for this weekend only!  Use code SRH15 at checkout from 7/27-7/30 only!

For more info on natural deod, check out this blog post with tips to make the switch to natural and this post with an easy armpit detox (which helps with the transition).

My other current summer skin favs:

  1. Soothing Serum: I use this in the morning before a few minutes of gua sha and it’s SO hydrating and smells amazing… but then soaks right in and isn’t greasy. It’s great at night too, but I love starting my summer mornings with this. 
  2. Everything Spray: just so refreshing right now, especially on hot days. I use it about 3x/day to refresh my skin (and give myself a moment to slow down and breathe). Also great as a toner before your serums, moisturizers and SPF. Summer pro tip: Store it in the fridge for a cool mist. 
  3. Baby Balm: weirdly the best under-eye cream ever, and doubles in the summer as the best healing balm for almost any skin issue (rashes, dry patches, or cuts/scrapes/bites). Such a staple in our house for kiddos and adults both. 
  4. Red Light Therapy: it may seem counterintuitive to sit under a warm light in the summer, but this light has helped improve the texture and appearance of my skin so much (sun spots, fine lines, melasma from pregnancies, etc). It’s been amazing how it’s faded any past sun damage (or current), which is why I’ve kept it in my routine 1-2x/week during the summer (for 10 mins while I listen to a meditation). Use the code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for a discount off any model.  I have the MitoPro, medium size, but the small size could work too if your face is the main use (vs. inflammation healing anywhere else on your body). 
  5. Vanilla Almond or Lavender Eucalyptus body butters: for any dry summer skin. Or the body oil, Jasmine or Blue Tansy, if you want something lighter (or get more humid summer weather). I LOOOOVE their body oils, and it feels like a true spa experience. 
  6. Natural Sunscreen: I shared all of my favorite healthy sunscreens for the whole family in this post!

And save 10% on everything else (like their serums, body butters, gua sha, etc.) year round with code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!