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Stalled insurance contract talks affect patient care

Stalled insurance contract talks affect patient care

I am also anxious about how misleading data and misdirected allegations related to agreement negotiations have performed out publicly and the effects this may perhaps have on community belief in our health care devices. Leaving Georgians devoid of protected access to medical professionals and healthcare industry experts they know and have faith in adds to the frustration, confusion and anger of clients in our communities.

Communities experience when insurance giants fall short to access a truthful settlement with area clinic devices. These charge disputes threaten equally affected individual treatment and the wellness devices we all depend on to present that care 24/7 in our communities. The timing of the current fights is really problematic, as our hospitals and physicians have been challenged by the COVID pandemic for the past two a long time.

Wellstar, Northside and other local medical center programs not only spend in offering significant-quality individual treatment, but also invest significantly in the communities they serve.

It is in the most effective desire of all stakeholders to take into consideration the impact these disputes, stalled negotiations and community disruptions have on client treatment and results. As Wellstar, Northside, and other clinic units proceed to perform to get coverage businesses to have interaction in meaningful negotiations to access a fair arrangement, the pandemic has taught us that we have to have to put clients and communities to start with, whilst supporting our health care providers and frontline workers – not set them at a downside.

Let us treatment for all those who treatment for us.

State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick, M.D., R-Marietta, represents Senate District 32.