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Simple Tips to Help Combat Your Social Anxiety

Simple Tips to Help Combat Your Social Anxiety

Simple Tips to Help Combat Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is much more common than you may think. While there has been a sweeping campaign to begin to normalize mental health issues like depression and anxiety, there are still many that suffer from social anxiety in solitary silence. The good news is that you are not alone if you struggle with crowds, public speaking, or even one-on-one interactions.

The key to kicking social anxiety lies within you. Most forms of anxiety are fostered by our self-worth or lack thereof. Feeling “less than” can profoundly affect your ability to present yourself to others with confidence. This often results in many sufferers preferring to isolate themselves.

If you are struggling with social anxiety and you want to keep things as natural as your hybrid vape carts for your vape pen and avoid turning to medications to ease your stress, there are a few techniques that you can try. Let’s take a closer look at a few simple tricks to calm your social anxiety.

Deep Mindful Breathing

It’s easy enough to take a deep breath when you are nervous before a big meeting, but it can be a much deeper sense of panic to overcome for those with social anxiety. However, mindful breathing can, in fact, help to ease tension in the body and bring down your level of stress. To help keep your breathing regular, counting out a rhythm until it becomes natural is helpful. Count to four on your inhale, hold for four, and exhale for the count of eight. In this way, you can slow your ragged breathing, reduce your heart rate and calm your nerves on the spot.

Positive Internal Dialogue

That little voice inside our heads can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Often, people that suffer from anxiety issues have a primarily negative self-narrative. When we see ourselves in a negative light, it will directly influence our level of confidence. If you are getting ready to go out with friends, to a meeting, or to a social gathering, try switching your internal dialogue to include only positive imagery and thoughts.

For example, rather than dreading a holiday party crowded with lots of people with loud music, think about your outing as an opportunity to show off your new shirt, to see a few people that you have been missing, or a reason to share a good laugh. A positive outlook on the event makes you less likely to suffer from severe anxiety.

Be Kind

People who suffer from social anxiety are often their own toughest critics. Finding and focusing on endless personal flaws can destroy our self-image and confidence. To help your anxiety about social situations, you need to be patient and kind to yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, and compliment yourself; even a small one can help boost your confidence.

Having social anxiety can feel like you are a prisoner. By pushing past your discomfort, practising focused breathing, changing your self-narrative, and practising kindness, you can calm your social anxiety and live your best life.