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Projected Food & Health Trends 2024

Projected Food & Health Trends 2024

From food bowls to mental health treatments, explore 7 trends you can expect to see for the food and health categories in 2024.

Projected Food & Health Trends for 2024

Every year is witness to certain trends. Some of these trends revolve around what we wear, the types of exercise that we want to do, and the style of our home’s décor. Other things that gain in popularity are related to our food choices and our health. Here are some trends to expect for the food and health categories in 2024.

1. Dining Out and Food Delivery Both Decline

Experts predict that we’ll see fewer people eating out in restaurants over the next year—and they’ll be ordering delivery from these establishments less frequently as well. (1) The reason for this dual decline? The economy. Both dining out and food delivery are more expensive than eating in, so people are giving them up to save some cash.

2. People Want Quick, Healthy At-Home Meals

Does eating at home mean that more people will be making healthy meals from scratch in the new year? Not exactly. Another projected food trend is that people will be buying more foods that can be prepared quickly yet are still tasty and healthy. (2) This includes purchasing nutritious frozen foods and “heat-and-eat” items that are ready to go in just minutes, requiring minimal effort to prepare.

3. Fast Food Companies Capitalize on Gamers’ Eating Habits

One population that is expected to defy the expected decline in food delivery in 2024 is gamers. Research indicates that almost two in three gamers order takeout from fast food restaurants, so some establishments (such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chipotle) are joining forces with game manufacturers to take advantage of this trend. (2) They’re doing this by offering special in-game rewards when players purchase certain food items.

4. Food Bowls Take the Win

Food bowls with ramen noodles are projected to be popular in 2024.

After looking at more than 165 million online food conversations, it was discovered that bowls were talked about most frequently, whether in social media posts, blogs, forums, or online review sites. (3) Conversations involving bowls happened more frequently than those involving appetizers in general, also getting more mentions than specific food items such as mushrooms, ramen, and nut butter. So, it is assumed that foods served in these dishes are likely to be highly desired in 2024.

5. Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs Go Up

One of the projected health trends for 2024 is an increase in healthcare costs not paid by health insurance companies, such as premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses. (4) This can place a higher burden on people with chronic illnesses or who, for whatever reason, have a lot of medical appointments or needs. When combined with the increased costs of everything else, including many food items, people will take an extra hit financially if they have medical issues or need treatment.

6. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments Are Prioritized

Health isn’t just physical; it’s mental too. While mental health has gained momentum in recent years as an important health topic, access to treatment for psychological conditions is an absolute priority in 2024, in addition to prioritizing treatment access to individuals with substance use disorders. (5) For some, this will mean easier access to mental health professionals via virtual therapy sessions. For others, they’ll gain improved accessibility thanks to employers who now offer mental health services on-site.

7. Financial Wellness Also Comes into Focus

Financial wellness will come into focus in 2024.

Our financial status and health go hand in hand. Namely, the more financial stress we have, the greater the toll it takes on us mentally and physically, even impacting our relationships. So, many of us may welcome this 2024 health trend, which is a greater focus on people’s financial wellness. This type of wellness is expected to be highlighted by more employers offering their staff access to financial wellness programs designed to help them learn how to budget, invest their money, and plan for retirement. (6)

Making 2024 a Healthy Year for You

No matter which trends you take part in during the upcoming year and which ones you avoid, there are still many steps you can take to make 2024 the healthiest year possible. One is to fill nutritional gaps with dietary supplements, giving your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

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