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Prince Harry Open To Take ‘Temporary Royal Role’ Amid King Charles’ Cancer

Prince Harry Open To Take ‘Temporary Royal Role’ Amid King Charles’ Cancer

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is reportedly open to temporarily assuming a royal role to support his father, King Charles III, amid his cancer treatment, with reports suggesting warm exchanges between them.

Despite stepping back from royal duties in 2020, Harry expressed willingness for reconciliation in light of the King’s illness. Currently in Canada, the prince and his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, are organizing events for the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry Open To Taking A ‘Temporary Royal Role’

Meghan Markle Will Not Be Joining Prince Harry For Visit To 'Sick' King Charles

Amid reports of King Charles undergoing cancer treatment, Prince Harry is reportedly open to assuming a “temporary royal role” to support his father.

While Harry stopped being a working royal in 2020, he holds a counselor of state position, but he is unlikely to assume Charles’ duties. However, a royal insider revealed to The Times that there’s a shared desire for reconciliation, seen as beneficial for the monarchy’s stability.

“On all practical levels, it makes perfect sense for the family to come together to support the King while he’s sick,” the source said. “Much has been said on both sides in recent years, but that has never diminished the fundamental bond of blood, and there are now pragmatic aspects to consider, with the King and Kate’s wellbeing ­paramount in this.”

The source added: “The details of the Clarence House meeting and subsequent conversations are private, but the feeling is that this arrangement could work.”

Any official return for the Duke of Sussex would require a private arrangement and wouldn’t involve public funds.

Prince Harry Hints At Reconciliation With His Father: ‘I Love My Family’

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Following an interview with a U.S. morning show, Harry hinted at the possibility of a reconciliation with his father amid the King’s illness.

Speculation arose that their strained relationship might be on the mend when Harry’s whirlwind visit lasted around 45 minutes.

During the interview which aired on “Good Morning America,” the host questioned if the King’s illness could cause a “re-unifying effect,” to which Harry responded positively, indicating a potential for a reunion.

Expressing love for his family, the prince said, “I love my family” and that he was “grateful” to be able to spend time with his father during a brief visit to the U.K.

However, when asked about his father’s health, Harry refrained from sharing any details, emphasizing that such matters are private, although he affirmed his intention to visit his father in the future during his trips.

“I’ve got other trips planned that would take me through the U.K. or back to the U.K., so I’ll stop in and see my family as much as I can,” Harry said.

Despite spending time with Charles at Clarence House, there was no reported meeting between Harry and his brother, Williams.

The Duke Describes Life In America As ‘Amazing’

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During his conversation with “Good Morning America” reporter Will Reeve, Harry also discussed his life in America, describing it as “amazing.”

When asked about the possibility of becoming a U.S. citizen, he acknowledged that it had “crossed” his mind but wasn’t currently a “high priority.”

Reflecting on his family dynamics amid the ongoing situation in the UK, Harry emphasized: “I have my own family, as we all do. My family and my life in California is as it is.”

The duke added: “The kids are doing great, the kids are growing like all kids do very, very fast. They’ve both got an incredible sense of humor – make us laugh and keep us grounded every single day, as most kids do. I’m just very grateful to be a dad.”

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Prepare for Invictus Games 2025

Meghan Markle Wears $1.6K Dress On Romantic Island Getaway

After returning to his California residence from his visit to see his father, Harry, and his wife, Meghan took a trip to Canada for the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025’s One Year to Go celebrations.

The couple met with participants in the nation’s Winter Training Camp, including team managers, coaches, and competitors. The gathering also served as an opportunity for stakeholders to immerse themselves in the experience of winter adaptive sports before the upcoming competition next year on February 8–16, 2025.

The Duke of Sussex founded the Invictus Games in 2014 for wounded, injured, and sick service personnel. Previous editions have been held in Orlando, Toronto, Sydney, and most recently in the Netherlands and Germany.

The upcoming edition will mark the first-ever winter sports edition, as previous ones were all held in the summer or autumn. It will also feature the likes of alpine skiing, nordic skiing, wheel curling, and skeleton, in addition to the more typical sports like volleyball, swimming, basketball, and rugby.