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Our NEW Health Coach Mastery Program w/ Dr. Lori Rose

Our NEW Health Coach Mastery Program w/ Dr. Lori Rose


[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Alright. Hello everyone and welcome to our special announcement about our Health Coach Mastery program. We will explain what that is. If you already saw this on Instagram, I will admit it’s probably going to be a little different than that one, but it’s similar content.

I don’t know how much you would necessarily get out of this unless you happen to be catching it Live and want to ask some questions. You’re more than welcome to do that. But hopefully you haven’t seen this yet and it’s kind of exciting. Because, for the longest time, I think we have marketed ourselves at the FDN program as health coaching, which it can be, but it’s not exclusively that.

We finally have an answer for this. We finally have a way that we can help people that are interested in that side. And with me, I have Dr. Lori Rose who was on with us for the Instagram. I got to meet her for the first time there, like, in person, face-to-face, let’s call it that. Maybe that’s a better way of saying it. We just have energy that bounces off each other really nicely.

This will also be repurposed on our podcast since we have better audio quality here than on Instagram. I’m excited for people to get to hear about this. Welcome to, well, not the podcast, but our show, I guess, today. How are you?


[00:01:02] Dr. Lori Rose: I’m wonderful. Thank you for having me again. I’m so excited to talk about this course, to talk about the difference between FDN consulting and what this new thing is we’re offering and why it’s such an important new tool to add to the toolbox for health practitioners out there.

Dr. Lori’s Background

[00:01:20] Detective Ev: Sure. And the FDN consulting thing, I really like that word. We’ll definitely explain that further as we go along here. Now, Dr. Lori, the one thing we have to do, just because people that are watching this today or especially on our podcast, it’s definitely a different audience than our Instagram. I don’t want to make you repeat everything that we said last time, but I definitely would love to just get an intro on you.

Because I remember when I first got added to the email with you. I said, all right, this is like 13 or 14 letters after this person’s name. She has an extensive background and in the traditional sciences as well. I think that’s very validating for what we’re doing.

Sometimes it’s crazy. It’s less and less, but sometimes people still look at FDN stuff or functional medicine in general as like woo-woo or whatever. I’m like, this is extremely science-based, and I think people like you bring so much credibility to that. So, what is your background before you got into the functional side of things, the natural side?

[00:02:12] Dr. Lori Rose: Absolutely. One thing I like to start off saying is don’t let the letters intimidate you. Because it was really just me following my passions. I’m just a super nerd who has always loved school. I’m in like 15 courses right now. It’s just what I do. It’s like learning is my hobby.


My background was originally, in biology. I have a biology PhD, I’m a published scientist. I did ecological research and then I got more into the nutrition field. So, I pursued nutrition and became a board-certified holistic nutritionist, and that led me into herbalism. So, now I’m a board-certified herbalist.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Definition of Coaching

I’m also a board-certified health coach. And the health coach thing was sort of a serendipitous accident, which we’ll get into. But it’s something you’ve already sort of alluded to, is like the word “coach” means different things to different people. The formal definition is quite different than what people in the health field really think of as a coach.

That was a really exciting part of my journey and my training. It’s one of my favorite things to embed in my educational courses for health practitioners because I just think it’s so important.

[00:03:34] Detective Ev: I’m always super impressed by people like this. I mean, I love learning. I think anyone in FDN does and I spend my time learning something pretty much every day. But there’s people that do it in a very formal way too, where they can actually get some credentials for it. And I’m always fascinated.

I’m like, all right, this person’s young. Like what happens when you’re 80, 90 years old? Like, what would you have accumulated over time? You know, how many letters then? How much knowledge can this person walk around with? I always think that’s cool.


And it is tough, defining the difference between the coach and the consulting thing. The way that I always explain this on the calls with people, if I’m talking to someone interested in the FDN course, is that the traditional definition, like the old definition of coaching, cause we’ve kind of redefined it, was supposedly someone who would more help an individual set and achieve health goals. Right?

You could probably explain that even better. But that’s kind of how I always saw health coaching. Whereas with us, FDN, the original program for FDN, was just health consulting.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Bridge The Want & The Action

Take a business coach and a consultant. I think we’re a little more prepared and productive than this, but a consultant might be someone that you just call up and say, all right, I’m having this specific problem at this specific time. What can I do? And they give their guidance.

Versus a business coach might help you with the mindset side and help you figure out how to organize your business. Right? Again, I think we’re a little more in depth than that type of consulting, but that would be a fair way to say it.

Before we get into the differences of programs, even, I’d love to hear it from your mouth, cause you can probably do it better than me. How would you define the differences between traditional “health coaching” quote/unquote, and then like FDN consulting type of thing.

[00:05:09] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah, absolutely.

And I think you did a great job. Like to my simplified explaining the difference is consulting is essentially, tell me what to do cause I don’t know what to do. Right? Like, fix me. Versus coaching is more, help me do what I want to do, but I don’t know why I’m not doing it.


You can imagine as a health practitioner, well, if any of you have ever had a client, you’ve experienced this, and even you as a person have experienced this. There are goals that our clients have or that we have as people that we’re just not committing to and we’re just not taking action with. What coaching does is help bridge the want and the action. It helps get you over whatever hurdles are preventing you or the lack of motivation to actually get you to commit and take action and achieve your goals.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Utilize Those Coaching Tools

So, you can see how as a practitioner, this is a crucial skill to have if you don’t have it. Because we can tell people what to do all day. Right? But doing it is up to them. When they do it, that’s because of them and their motivation. But we, as practitioners, are like, oh yeah, I helped them so much. Really, it was because those were the clients who did what we told them to do versus the clients who didn’t do that. That also wasn’t our fault, and it wasn’t their fault. It’s just what happens as humans.


But if we as practitioners are like, oh, they say they want to do this. They’re not doing this. Now let me use my coaching tools; now let me coach them over whatever is preventing them from being successful and committing. Well then, all of our clients will eventually succeed with their goals.

[00:06:59] Detective Ev: Absolutely. I love that part that you just talked about where it’s these things that we kind of want to do but we “can’t” quote/unquote do it. This is called being human, right? Each one of us has this in individual areas, cause it’s kind of funny. I was just actually talking with a friend about this yesterday.

My one friend and I went to a gym and the guy behind the desk was a high school friend, literally someone that we hadn’t seen for a while. He just started working there, huge, jacked guy. Now, he shares this publicly. This is a guy who struggled with drug addiction, stuff like that.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Extra Support

But he goes to the gym. You will never stop that guy from doing what he does. It’s his non-negotiable. Doesn’t need a coach, he’s good to go. Where for myself, I’ll eat the healthy food all day long. I can discipline myself like that, not even a question. I can catch sunrise; I can do those things.

But then I started martial arts last year. And I realized, all right, I wanted to do this 10 years ago, I still haven’t done it. And so maybe it’s a good idea to have some one-on-one coaching here to make sure I show up at the times I need to show up, I stay consistent. If I have fear around it, I can keep going. The health coaching space is quite lucrative and quite rewarding, which is what you need in a business. You do need both. You want it to be profitable, but you also want it to be ethical and rewarding.


I think so many human beings, we struggle around the health side because when we’re trying to change that, not only is it just tough in general because foods are addicting and stuff, but we look around at the rest of the world and most people aren’t doing what we’re doing. There’s a lot of barriers and having that extra support can help out.

So, you helped create this new program that we have at FDN, and this is something that FDNs can take. But it’s also something that someone could go through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and just take this program and never really do the lab side. In a perfect world, they would do both. But it could be a good program for a specific type of person that wants to do a specific thing.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Cutting-Edge Science and Health Strategies

Let’s take the FDN course out of it for just a moment, that’s the consulting side. We’re diving deep, deep into lab work and really helping people with severe chronic health issues and hidden stressors as we always talk about. What will they learn in this Health Coach Mastery program? And then what will it allow them to do? Because I know what it allows them to do is also a huge reason we created this.

[00:09:06] Dr. Lori Rose: Absolutely.

So, the coaching board itself defined certain criteria that every coaching school has to include. It’s a 75-hour coaching program, like in total. You’ll learn coaching skills, you’ll learn the science-backed step by step process of how to help clients who are stuck in sort of lack of commitment, lack of motivation, and you’ll bridge them to action and to commitment.

There are dozens and dozens of steps and there are dozens of tools that you use different times with clients of different needs to help them get to where they want to be. But you also are required to learn certain conventional health-based information – the top five most common diseases and what to do about those, common lab results and what those might look like for the client. Cause the coaching board wants coaches to be educated on health, the general health information.


But what we did in our program is we thought, what’s the most effective way to teach those, both, coaching skills to our students and those health facts to our students. So, we didn’t take the conventional, typical, approach of like the information that you can just Google. We teach you health-based information with cutting edge science and health strategies.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Above & Beyond

You get to take a mitochondria course, which is like the foundation of health that no one’s talking about. You get to take a coaching tools course, but that’s also embedded with these stress reduction strategies in this mental and emotional wellness framework to help our clients reduce stress.

And then because lab work is such a big part of FDN and is such an important way to help clients, we also included a basic blood chemistry training that most coaches don’t get. The blood chemistry isn’t required for coaches, but we use that to teach you the things you do have to know for the coaching board, but you also get like a little cherry on top of getting this additional lab work assessment training.


And then you get to learn some foundational herbal tools, how to use plants to effectively help your clients for every organ system, how to make herbal medicine, et cetera. It’s a really unique coaching program compared to all the dozens of other coaching programs that are going to teach you just the basic, here’s what you need to know for the board and here’s what it is. We went above and beyond to give you information that we thought was crucial to help our clients in every sort of angle of health.

[00:12:17] Detective Ev: Cool. I really love how there’s those aspects. Actually, believe it or not, our conversation last time provoked me, not to do the whole thing yet because I don’t necessarily feel like I want to take that route with NBHWC and stuff personally. But I am going to be going through the coaching one. So, I have that program now, like that one advanced course. I’m excited. I want to learn about that stuff.

Health Coach Mastery Program: NBHWC

I think if you know how to coach well you are learning communication skills just in life, right? You can use this for yourself, you could use this in your intimate relationships. I can’t imagine you getting worse by going through something like that. So, I’m personally excited.

By the way, we actually have a fair amount of Live viewers today. No matter where you’re at watching this, if you drop anything in the chat, it will come to us, and we can actually answer those Live for you. So, feel free to do that at any time. Although we still have plenty to cover for sure on our end.

One of the other things I wanted to say here is, we talked about what you’ll learn, and I’m sure we can go even deeper into that. But it’s also why. Like what are we actually trying to achieve here? What would someone want to do with this? And the big thing that people keep asking about is NBHWC, which is the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches.

You and I had such an objective conversation about this last time on Instagram. We explained for some people this could be a great thing to go through. For others, they might not resonate with this at all, and it could actually restrict them depending on what they’re trying to do.


So, NBHWC, what is that? Why did we even want to create a program that would fit the needs for that? Like why is this becoming a bigger thing?

[00:13:45] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah, that’s an awesome question especially because there are multiple coaching boards.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Open Doors

So, why pick this board to align with and to facilitate our students to be able to pursue if they want to? Why this board?

Well, this particular board is going leaps and bounds and putting forth tons of effort to legitimize the coaching field. They’re working with the conventional medicine side of health; they’re working with Congress; they’re working with the insurance side of health. And because they’ve been so successful legitimizing and defining coaching and explaining and showing the science that proves that coaching is effective and that coaching works, many, many, many, many jobs require their health coaches to have an NBHWC certification.


So, pursuing the certification can open tons of doors. Even if someone’s like, I’m more aligned with consulting. I see how coaching can help me with those stuck clients that I do have, which is going to happen. So, the coaching tools are crucial. Even if the board certification wasn’t something they were completely aligned with, it could open doors, right? Multiple streams of income of like, okay, I’ll go here and do all my coaching stuff, I’ll do my FDN stuff over here, or I’ll combine them. Having those doors open for being board certified is just an amazing additional perk.

[00:15:27] Detective Ev: Right. And there is one thing here, because again, for some people this could be the perfect path. But you even brought up this idea of the possibility of insurance in the future. We’re working on that typo, by the way. So, if you’re watching Live, it says YNBHWC. It is NBHWC, National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Insurance Induced Limitations

I think the best way to relate to this audience, I think we did this last time, is almost thinking about a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. If you’ve ever been to one of those places, some of them might have been insurance-based and some of them might have been cash-based.

We’re getting a little ahead because these things are not covered by insurance yet, but it is looking like that’s what’s going to happen. Certainly that’s their goal. That’s what they’re fighting for and they’ll probably achieve it.

When you go to a chiropractor who you can get covered by insurance. Since Western Medicine doesn’t always fully aligned with what we like to do as natural and functional practitioners, there are only certain manipulations that that chiro can do. It’s actually very limited if you look it up. Now, you’ll pay less, cause your insurance covers it. Maybe you have your copay or nothing at all. You’re like, okay, I’ll go to that person today. But you got that particular service.

Whereas the chiropractor I go to is cash-based. Yes, I do pay a little more, but he’s got every gizmo and gadget you can imagine. I do cash-based for the acupuncturist that I go to right down the road. They are phenomenal, but they couldn’t do these things covered by insurance.


So, FDN consulting, the lab side, is not going to necessarily be anything that’s covered by insurance. And even if it was, I don’t think we’d want that because, again, we’d be limited in some way. This is where we need to think about, one, what is our goal? What resonates with us more? Are you more of a coach at heart or a consultant?

Health Coach Mastery Program: Enormous Benefit

Again, you can be both. That’s not what we’re saying here. But in terms of like, choosing a career path, I know a lot of people call, and I wish it wasn’t this way, but some of them are totally intimidated, Dr. Lori, by the business side. I try to coach them through that. Ironically, coach them. But it’s not for them and that’s okay. That is perfectly fine if that’s not for them.

So, I think this is fair to say that it’s a better path for someone maybe looking for a more secure job, even though they might make a little less overall. Wouldn’t this be a good path for someone that’s actually looking to get hired somewhere since so many places are looking for the NBHWC thing?


[00:17:39] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah. So just to clarify, is what you’re asking is getting the actual board certification more the path if someone wants to get hired out, not taking our course? Because one thing I do want to say is, you can take the course and get all the skills and apply them to whatever practitioner, entrepreneurial job you have, and find enormous benefit.

But yes, then adding the board certification after our training, that’s one benefit, is it would open doors for people to then get hired by some of these other more conventional fields where you can then hopefully accept the insurance. One pro of that is it does open doors for us to be able to help people on a lower income bracket. Right?

Health Coach Mastery Program: A Bit of Freedom

Because let’s not lie and say that we’re cheap and affordable. Like the holistic field requires some cash from our clients and it’s a huge investment. Some people just can’t do that. And so having that be part of what you pursue, I think, is a really important thing that we need in this country.

But another benefit is, it was a great question you brought up last time, yeah, anything that’s going to conflict with conventional medicine will never be able to accept insurance. Anything that’s like, oh, the holistic version of medicine like herbalism or FDN, we will never be able to merge those. It’s going to be holistic or conventional, and you’re going to have to choose.

But with coaching, because it doesn’t conflict with dietician versus holistic nutrition or conventional versus herbalism, there’s no conflicting tools there. There’s nothing that an insurance company would have to restrict because each one of those tools is science backed and isn’t like political or lobbyist game for like, oh, let’s make sure only we can do that.


And so, it does give a bit of freedom for the people who do choose to add the board certification after taking our course and go the sort of work through the conventional insurance route.

[00:20:02] Detective Ev: Well, that’s awesome.

And yeah, thank you for bringing up the idea that you don’t have to necessarily go pursue NBHWC after this because everything that you would learn in there is still very beneficial to a health person or consultant or whatever we want to call it.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Pursue Both

But it is a route to that for the people interested because, again, there’s a percentage. It’s not the majority by any means, but there’s a percentage that call and they are really interested in our program solely because of that. We’re still listed on their website. Rightfully so, cause we have this great new program.

We have some comments and questions here, Dr. Lori. You kind of answered this in some way, but maybe it’s good to have it direct. Someone said, “would I look at this program before or after the certification?” I’m guessing they mean FDN itself.

[00:20:46] Dr. Lori Rose: Okay. I’ll just answer both. So if you’re interested in both FDN practitioner consulting and coaching, the more coaching, motivational interviewing, help bridge the gap between goals kind of thing, it really just depends. You don’t even have to choose one before the other. You can learn them both at the same time and take them both at the same time because they complement each other so well.


In my personal opinion, I think coaching on its own, while it’s wonderful, you are missing so many ways to help your clients without having the consultant stuff. But I also think consulting, just on its own, you are missing so many ways to help your clients without having the coaching stuff. So, there’s not a one before the other thing. It’s like, man, if you’re interested in both, pursue both if you can.

If the question was, should I do this program before or after board certification, the clarification there is that our program would provide the education and training to then get board certified. And the board certification after you finish our course, it’s just a test that you take.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Pre-Recorded & Live Parts

[00:22:05] Detective Ev: That makes total sense. Thank you for answering both. And honestly, from the podcast side, like people listen while they’re in the kitchen, while they’re driving, they may have missed us saying it before anyway. So, I appreciate that.

“Are there any prerequisites to joining this program?” Because people always ask that about the main FDN course with the lab side, the answer for that, just to be clear, is no. But would there be any prereqs for this?

[00:22:27] Dr. Lori Rose: Same answer. No pre-reqs, just interest.

[00:22:31] Detective Ev: Yeah. And a dedication to this stuff. Right? You actually have to want to do it. Because we do put good information, it’s going to require studying. You’re going to have to work, but it’s worth it.

“Sounds like so much to learn.” “Amazing topics.” “How long does it take to get through this program, the Health Coach Mastery One?”

[00:22:47] Dr. Lori Rose: That’s a really great question too.


Something we didn’t touch on is, the courses I mentioned earlier when I was explaining what do you learn in the program, those were the pre-recorded parts of the program. But then there’s also a Live part of the program where you get practice coaching, and you actually get to see clients and coach those clients while getting Live feedback from our mentors and our coaches. Altogether, it’s 75 hours.

There’s going to be two people that hear that. One type of person who says, oh, 75 hours, I can do that in two days. Let’s do it. And then there’s going to be another person who’s like 75 hours, is that going to take me 75 years? Right? I want to address both of those people.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Six Months is the Average


Even though it’s just 75 hours, there are some steps in the process where you have to have some breaks in between. So, the fastest you can complete the course is around three months. On average, we guess it’s going to take people about six months to complete the course, but we give you a year to complete the course.

So, 12 months, 75 hours in 12 months, that’s totally doable. We definitely think like half a year is a good average to estimate.

[00:24:09] Detective Ev: This is so great too. This applies to all FDN courses. I love the self-paced aspect.

We’re not condemning another program, but there are some places that say it’s a year or two years. You’re like, why? That was just because we kind of decided that’s what it is. But everyone learns at a different pace so why should I not have that ability to do it on my own time when I want? Then again, there’s Live aspects and that’s fine, but you can figure that out. So, that applies for both the main FDN course and this Health Coach Mastery one.

I’m thinking if the average person is going to likely finish this in six months, how much more value they’re even getting and knowledge they’re getting than a lot of the ones that take 12. Now you can do that faster, you become more qualified, and you just learn a bunch of great stuff that, again, might not be taught in a lot of these other programs.

“How much is the course overall?” So, this is the Health Coach Mastery course. If I don’t say that again, someone is going to hit me up and be like, oh, you said the FDN main course is this amount.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Discounted by Previously Purchased Included Courses

[00:25:01] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah. Keep in mind there’s an FDN Consultant Practitioner course, and then we are talking about the Health Coach Mastery course – those coaching tools to either learn and implement as a standalone coach or embed in your already practitioner kind of program or future practitioner program if you’re not a practitioner yet.

The Health Coach Mastery Program itself is like a couple dollars under $5,000 and that includes all 75 hours. So, all the recorded hours of the four courses I mentioned and the Live hours and the training with the mentor and all of the practicing with clients and getting feedback from our mentors and our coaches, the whole thing, including a bunch of support, which we may get into in just a minute. That’s all of it.

[00:25:53] Detective Ev: Okay. And what if, like for myself, I had purchased the Advanced Blood Chemistry course, it was the first advanced course I ever got. Let’s say I’m an FDN listening, I already am certified, but I’d like to do this, but I already went through some of the advanced courses that are included. How would that work for me payment wise? Would I get any discount from that, or no?


[00:26:12] Dr. Lori Rose: Absolutely. Yeah, you get the reduction of whatever courses you’ve already had. Like you said, you just signed up for the coaching course, you’ve already had blood chemistry course, so for the recorded courses, you would just pay for the ones you haven’t had. And then the remainder of whatever the Live courses are.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Included Support

[00:26:30] Detective Ev: Cool. I’m going to get myself to the point, eventually, where it’s like, dude, just finish this. Cause you got all this other stuff.

“What support is included while going through HCM?” Which is Health Coach Mastery. I gotta probably say it out loud every time cause people might not know the acronym by heart yet.

[00:26:45] Dr. Lori Rose: Absolutely.

This is another amazing part of our Health Coach Mastery board certification program compared to many, many, many of the others. A lot of the other programs give you just the bare minimum, not very much practice, not very much support, and say, okay, now go forth and figure it out on your own.


So, within the course, we want to make sure you all not only learn the definition tools of coaching and not just the like practice one time on a client kind of coaching. We want you to be confident coaches. So, you get 37 Live hours of coaching practice of you actually coaching clients. That’s something very few other coaching courses include. That’s within the program.

Once you complete the program, you also get one-on-one test training support. You get a Facebook group while you’re in the program and after the program where you can communicate and ask questions and get support. There are all sorts of handouts, both test prep handouts and other handouts that support you within the course.

[00:28:01] Detective Ev: Very cool. Sorry to jump around with the questions. One thing I think I forgot to ask, even with the $5,000 price or the $4,997, if I’m someone that wants to do this, can I do that in payment installments, or does it all have to be upfront?

Health Coach Mastery Program: NBHWC Exam Applications

[00:28:14] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah, we do have payment plans. I can’t remember how many installments there are, but we do offer payment plans.

[00:28:21] Detective Ev: That’s nice.

[00:28:24] Dr. Lori Rose: Someone just let me know. We have 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month payment plan options. That’s really awesome.

[00:28:30] Detective Ev: Yeah. One nice thing about that too is that’s not something typically offered on our advanced courses. It’s kind of a nice way to loop that all in for a really affordable price if you’re looking to do the coaching side too.

Someone just asked, “how long after finishing can you sit for the exam, meaning NBHWC’s exam?” “How long does it take after the exam to get NBHWC certified?”

[00:28:53] Dr. Lori Rose: That’s a really good question.

The coaching board offers tests four times a year. It really depends on when you finish. If you finish the day that they open up applications for the exam, then you can apply that day. But the way it works is they take applications for the exam and then a couple months later you sit for the test. It will be a few months versus if you finish and they just closed an application window, it could be several months.


People can get familiar with when the application windows are and when the testing windows are because they’re the same every single year. Those are posted on the coaching board website. You can time your completion date to be right before an application window. That way you can test as quickly as possible.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Two-Year Degree or Two Years’ Work Experience

Then after you take the board exam, it can take several months for them to grade them and get back with you. One of the virtues I say that the coaching board has taught me is patience. Because you’ve gotta wait to apply, then you’ve gotta wait to test, and you’ve gotta wait for your results. But that’s okay, right? Patience is a virtue.

[00:30:11] Detective Ev: Yes. And one thing that I should mention, it actually hasn’t been asked, but I feel like this might come up, is this idea of like, will I get everything, literally everything that I need if I go through Health Coach Mastery to actually go do this and sit for that board certification.

What’s so funny is, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I learned this last time from you, it’s a very interesting one. You could have an associate’s degree, but you don’t need that. What it could be alternatively is two years of work experience. And you’re like, oh, well, relevant work experience? Right? But it’s like, no. I could have worked in my parents’ restaurant for two years and that’s my two years of work experience. So, we have everything except that. Is that correct?


[00:30:47] Dr. Lori Rose: Yeah. Correct. The coaching board requires either a two-year degree in any field or two years’ work experience in any field. You have to provide proof of that. We don’t provide that.

Health Coach Mastery Program: 50 Coaching Sessions Required

Then the other thing that we may or may not guarantee, I mentioned there are 37 Live coaching hours embedded in the program. Well, the coaching board requires 50 coaching sessions before you can apply for the coaching board. It is very possible to get those 50 coaching sessions within those 37 Live hours.


However, that’s not something we can predict or guarantee because it’s you all bringing in your clients and coaching. And so, anything that you don’t get, let’s say you get like 37 coaching sessions instead of 50, you have to get those before you can apply for the coaching board.

[00:31:45] Detective Ev: Okay, cool. Thank you for that transparency. And what’s nice though, just to be clear, is this still makes it 10 times easier than any other thing out there right now if this is your goal.

Someone said, “that is awesome.” Yes, it is.

I actually think too, this is kind of where we ended up timewise, finalizing things last time. So, one thing I’d like to ask you, just in summary, and especially for people on the podcast. I just almost feel like I know them now and I know what questions they’re going to ask and what’s going to come up.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Coaching is the First Tool Set to Get

For someone like you who has this brilliant mix of left brain and right brain, this real big logic and science side, and then also clearly are really great socially and care about humans and stuff, so you like that coaching side too, how could we, if we could only choose one right now, maybe they can’t make the investment in both and maybe they just want to get into this field as quick as possible, how would you maybe give some advice to the person listening if they know they want to do one of these things but they’re not sure? Is there anything that you could tell them?

[00:32:44] Dr. Lori Rose: Okay, that’s a tough question for me to answer, but I’m going to answer it honestly.


In my full school that I teach where I teach nutrition and herbalism and coaching, like all built into one, I teach coaching the very first semester. And I do that for multiple reasons. One, most people don’t even know what coaching is and so they don’t know they’re missing it.

I said at the beginning that it was a serendipitous accident that I learned about coaching and became a coach. I thought I was taking a nutrition school. It wasn’t, it was a coaching school. At first, I was like, why am I not learning a whole bunch of facts? Come on. But what I was learning was how to help anyone with any problem.

That’s why I think coaching is like the first tool set to get. Because in most health fields, you learn how to help people with food and exercise, right? That’s sort of the skillset that holistic practitioners have – food and exercise, here’s what you eat, here’s what you do in your day.

Health Coach Mastery Program: Coaching Can Help You Do It

Health is so much more than that. It’s everything, right? Health is anything that impacts you on a day-to-day activity. Because that influences your stress and your sleep and everything, your relationships and your finances, all of those things impact your health.

So, if you’re a health coach, you have tools to help someone who comes to you who’s stressed out about their car, even if you don’t know anything about cars. You have the tools to help someone who comes to you who’s stressed out about their restaurant that they own, even if you’ve never owned a restaurant. You can help literally everyone with any problem, with anything, even if you haven’t been trained on those outside things, because that’s what coaching is.


Coaching isn’t telling people what to do. It’s no matter what you want to do that you’re not doing; we can help you do it. That’s what coaching is. And so once you have that skillset, then you can add the nutrition facts and the lab facts and the exercise facts and all those, and the supplement facts, right? You can add that to your tool set to help people who have goals in those areas.

But what about the people who are stressed out about things not in those areas? Well, that’s where coaching can help, and that’s why I think coaching comes first.

[00:35:16] Detective Ev: I love that and it’s such a powerful question to end on, except we got one more in the comment. So, I’m going to throw that at you too. I thank you very much for participating with us today, everyone.

Someone said, “if we are already practicing, can we use our own coaching hours to apply to the 50 hours for NBHWC?”

Health Coach Mastery Program: Pass Three Mentor Sessions

[00:35:34] Dr. Lori Rose: That’s an excellent question and it’s, sort of – that’s the answer.

Within the coaching training there is a point where you practice on your very first coaching client, and you work with a mentor over three different coaching sessions. And for each one of those sessions, the mentor gives you constructive feedback.

We talk about the strengths; we talk about tweaks that you may need. And so, by the third one of those mentor sessions, you get graded. And when you pass that third mentor session (which we coach you to do, like that’s what the mentor sessions are for), when you pass that third mentor session, then any coaching session after that counts towards your 50.


So, as soon as you work with your mentor and you pass that third mentor session, everything after that counts towards your 50.

[00:36:29] Detective Ev: Very cool. Seems fair to me.

Okay. That looks like it’s it for the questions. And I hope this is okay with our team. I have to ask this because technically, again, this is on the podcast, and I haven’t had you on yet. So, we actually have a signature question on the Health Detective Podcast. That question normally is, if I could give you, in this case, a magic wand and you could get every single person in this world to do one thing for their health (you could either get them all to start doing one thing, or you can get all of us to stop doing one thing), what is the one thing that Dr. Lori would get them to do?

[00:36:59] Dr. Lori Rose: That is such a coaching question.

[00:37:04] Detective Ev: See, I’m doing good already.

[00:37:05] Dr. Lori Rose: That’s a coaching question.

Signature Question & Conclusion

Okay. I think mine would be to have more fun, like have fun.


People forget. Like we’re calorie tracking and we’re exercising and we’re doing this and we’re getting enough vitamin D and we’re thinking about all of these things and we’re so rigid and routine. Fun and laughter and smiling are crucial components of health. I think if we all did that, we would have more dopamine and serotonin and be nicer to each other.

[00:37:40] Detective Ev: I love that. It’s always the people that I find with the most credentials that have the seemingly simple answers. I hope people realize there’s actually something profound to that. Not simple, it’s the opposite.

If you guys are interested in this course, you can actually find it the same place you find our main FDN course. It is functionaldiagnosticnutrition.com. And then under our homepage, you’ll see the programs tab. It’s the second one down right there. So you can find it right there. I believe it is in

our comments as well. I can show that for you guys. Okay, cool. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.com. You could go under programs or this very long link. We also have that for you as well.

Dr. Lori, thank you so much for hopping on with me again. If you don’t mind, I might have to steal you for a more formal podcast thing, just to pick your biology-loving, coaching, having brain.

That’d be awesome.


[00:38:28] Dr. Lori Rose: I’m down.

[00:38:29] Detective Ev: Cool. Thank you guys so much.

Thank you all.


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