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Our Digital Health and Medical Education Platform

Our Digital Health and Medical Education Platform

Our Community Membership Platform is an online, digital health and medical education platform that includes video, and written resources designed to educate across all segments of nutrition, low-carb science, and nutritional evidence. Upgrade your membership to Annual Elite and gain access to;

✅ Weekly lectures, masterclasses, and panel discussions on low-carb, metabolic health, and nutrition-based evidence 
✅ Access to 1 CPD-accredited elective training valued at $365 each year 
✅ Downloadable resources and practitioner toolbox by global experts in the field 
✅ Exclusive mini-online training by our healthcare experts 
✅ Monthly research roundups for download by leading researchers 
✅ Free access to all World Nutrition Summit events each year 
✅ Unlimited community access!

We give our members the capabilities and confidence to implement Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in practice by bridging the gap between education and action.

From Medical Practitioners, Coaches, Nurses, and Low-carbohydrate/High-Fat (LCHF) enthusiasts, to Nutritionists and Dietitians, this virtual community space was created for NN members to come together, away from the distractions of social media, and engage in more enriched discussions around therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and its application in practice. 

The NN Community Platform has been a hub of stimulating discussions and engagement amongst our members. The curation and sharing of scientific articles around topics of metabolic health, therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, diabetic retinopathy, blood glucose, and insulin sensitivity, has led to fascinating discussions, all supervised by our panel of medical experts.