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My Secret Cooking Trick: 4 Easy Make-Ahead Freezer Meals You’ll Love!

My Secret Cooking Trick: 4 Easy Make-Ahead Freezer Meals You’ll Love!

My Secret Cooking Trick: 4 Easy Make-Ahead Freezer Meals You’ll Love!Have you ever rushed into the kitchen after a busy day and wished you could somehow throw dinner together by snapping your fingers? Me too.

And I do 🙂  It’s magic. Basically.

It’s one of my little secret tricks to healthy cooking, made simple and easy: cook smarter, not harder.

Once every month or two, I take 20-30 minutes to make 3-4 freezer meals. What are freezer meals, you ask? They are meals you chop & prep but then you DON’T cook it right away (well, you could). You freeze it instead, and cook when when you’re ready (in a crockpot or instantpot).


And there’s a certain little art to them: knowing which ones to combine that use similar ingredients or meat on sale, how much liquid or not to add, etc.

Here’s how I do it (you can watch me below if you’re more of a visual person, I did a Part 1 & Part 2 cooking video on instagram this week!)

1. Pick 2-4 freezer meal recipes (I always use the #cookingclub and search for “freezer meals” to pull them all up, we’ve got 17 already stacked in there for you!). I like to try and coordinate some similar ingredients if I can, but you don’t have to (ie, carrots, zucchini, etc, so you can chop once for all).

2. Generate the shopping list (that’s right, one single shopping list for everything!) & print the recipes out. 

3. Block off 25 mins, gather your ingredients and some large ziploc bags and go baby go! 

You can keep a meal or two in the fridge for cooking later that week, and/or freeze flat for later. When you’re ready to cook, pull the bag out, defrost  & dump in your instantpot. If using a crockpot, pull it out the night before to defrost overnight and dump in the crockpot that morning.

I can’t even tell you the amount of TIME, EASE & FREEDOM doing this brings to my life. 25 minutes and I know I have 4 beautiful REAL-FOOD meals that I feel great about eating and feeding my family. Warm and cozy ones at that.

And with no need for crappy & expensive takeout food (and low energy the next day).

At the end of the day, eating nourishing and delicious meals shouldn’t be complicated and time consuming.

If you’re not in the Cooking Club, this is how we roll.

This week, I did these 4 recipes (shown below), which you can pull & do the exact same for yourself! I did:

  • Chicken, Veggie & Rice Soup
  • Shredded Chicken Verde (for tacos & salads)
  • Grass-Fed Beef Chili (or turkey or veggie)
  • Grass-Fed Shredded Beef (for tacos, salads or to add to soups)

^these just happen to be ones with meat in them, but there are plenty of veggie only ones as well. All of the recipes inside the Cooking Club are real-food based and easy to add extra meat if you love it, or leave it out if you don’t. Flexible 🙂 

And now through next Tuesday 1/31, you can get immediate access AND 50% off during our annual Winter Sale, and get all of these easy freezer meal recipes, and thousands more. Along with printable grocery lists (game-changer!), the ability sort, customize, save your favs, adjust the serving sizes and always have new healthy and EASY ideas every single week.

Imagine how your life would feel, if cooking and eating healthy was *actually* easy. And joyful. And efficient.

Imagine how much of your time and energy you could get back (the average household spends over 300 hours per year just figuring out what to eat). With the Cooking Club, it’s entire purpose is to give you alllll of those hours back, so you can pour them into more life-giving ways to spend your time.

I’m positive this will change your cooking game in the best way.

Food is the ONE thing, as I always say: simplify it and you will simplify and amplify your LIFE. Ignore it, and everything else gets harder.

Your time, your energy, and your bandwidth are WORTH IT. As is feeling the best you can in daily life.

I can’t wait to see so many of you on the inside this year! Grab a spot here, before the price increases on Tuesday! 


Want to stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by planning and cooking meals? These recipes, along with soooo many others (with matching shopping lists, sortable categories, 3 weekly suggested recipes and a NEW healthy recipe every single week) can be found inside the SRH Cooking Club! This is the best way we’ve found to simplify planning, prepping, shopping, and cooking healthy weekly meals, so that you can get back to what matters most in life.  ON SALE NOW FOR 50% OFF THROUGH NEXT TUESDAY 1/31!!