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My 5 Minute (Non-Toxic) Makeup Routine As Of Late

My 5 Minute (Non-Toxic) Makeup Routine As Of Late

My 5 Minute (Non-Toxic) Makeup Routine As Of Late

So many things about life are seasonal…. or at least feel better when they are. When we have little change-ups in our food, our daily routines, our self-care, our habits, etc. 

The older I get, the more I’m learning that this is true about skincare and makeup, too. My skin needs to be nourished in different ways when it’s cold and windy than when it’s hot and humid. Our skin– just like our digestion, our clothing, our daily rituals— thrives best when you mix things up. And beauty, truly does come from the inside out. 

The more consistent water you drink, the more vegetables and nutrient dense foods you eat, the better your digestion is, the more you feel your actual emotions and have ways of releasing them, well… it shows. There’s a certain glow to those people, you know? The ones that take care of themselves well.

Most of you already know my perspective on skincare: I want it to be SIMPLE and pure. Ingredients I can recognize. And feel great about putting on the biggest ORGAN in your body, that absorbs everything (aka, your skin). But I also feel the same about makeup. And I love beauty & makeup, I always have. It’s fun and playful and feminine in my book. and I love the act of adornment behind it (same with clothing).

I know most people use makeup to cover up who they naturally are. Or to look like everyone else. Or out of insecurity.

But I think when you are in the practice of caring, loving and respecting yourself fully (by what you eat, how you live, how you talk to yourself, etc),well sourced & intentional makeup can be such a fun way to fully enhance all the things that make you YOU. It’s not about covering up. It’s about seeing yourself fully, and embracing that women with open arms.

But until very recently, natural, non-toxic makeup options were um….. mostly found in the back section of health food stores (smelling like a patchouli and with packaging you probably wouldn’t want sitting on your bathroom counter). And a lot of them just didn’t work. Trust me. I’ve tried hundreds of them over the years.

Thankfully these days, there are SO MANY amazing, cleaner and non-toxic options. That work. And have ingredients in them that nourish the skin vs clog it or strip it down. That’s my kinda jam.

And I know many of you are on this journey, too– I can tell from the DMs I get on Instagram. Lately a lot of messages have come in asking for my latest routine, so here it is. Simple, less than 3 minutes total, but all with things that I LOVE, that I feel great about using, and that actually work! 

These are the favorites I’ve been reaching for all winter, and they will carry me seamlessly into the spring, too. Watch the video here (and then I link to everything below)!


My Current Non-Toxic Makeup Routine- Winter 2023

Step 1: Hydration & de-puff

Before I put any makeup on my face, I want to start things off right with a hydrating, nourishing layer. It makes everything else go on so much easier and reminds me to take a breath, take care of myself, and get a moment of relaxation. Even if I have 2 babies tugging at my knees 🙂

So first, I do 2-3 drops of this serums and pat it in. It’s not too greasy and it absorbs really quick. A little bit goes a long way! Then I use a gua sha stone for 1 minute to de-puff, get my lymphatic system moving and help get some blood flow into nourish my skin first. Even one minute of this helps so much, so don’t tell yourself you don’t time to do it “fully”.

Then, a quick spray of my favorite everything spray to really lock things in and prep the skin. And it energetically shifts me into “ready for the day” mode. On days I don’t wear makeup (tbh, most days), this is what I do.

(and psst– remember, you get 15% off all of these products with the code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout!)

Step 2: Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

I love that when I take care of my skin from the inside out, I don’t feel like I need a full face of foundation! But, when I am getting ready, I  usually just go for a tinted moisturizer instead with spf. It offers just enough coverage and hydration for an everyday glow. Lately, I’m loving the Saie Slip Tint or the BeautyCounter Tinted SPF. (I know the questions are gonna flood in, and no I’m not affiliated with them, yes, I think there are cleaner options out there, but this one product I do really like :))

Note: In the summer or on trips/vacation where I’m in the sun, I do this tinted spf serum and love the glow it gives! It’s spf 40, so a little more protective. 

When I do opt for foundation, I have a couple of clean brands that are my new go-tos! I alternate between this true skin serum (it feels like skincare, so nourishing and hydrating and glowy, without being oily) for lighter coverage. For a more full coverage option I recently just found this brand  on recc from one of my girlfriends,  and I’ve been LOVING it. It’s the only true, more traditionally coveraged foundation that doesn’t feel claustrophobic and gross to me 🙂 It’s this Beautifully Flawless Foundation(Right now I have the 2.5 color, but could do the 2 most likely in the Winter). 

Step 3: Bronzer

This is an absolute necessity in the winter, amen?! I want a natural glow without looking too tan (or worse, orange!) and this natural bronzer offers the perfect golden glow. 

Step 4: Blush

This is another important step– when it’s done right, it gives the perfect flushed look, even when I’m looking pale in the winter. This multistick is the perfect solution and great for cheeks, lips & eyes too). It’s easy to apply and totally buildable to your desired look. I’m partial to the shade Ladybird– it’s a neutral rose color that works on just about every skin tone imaginable! And All of Me is fun too. 

Step 5: Eyebrows

Brush them (I need it daily, with this little guy). Then do a little eyebrow gel (I love this one) to organize them, lol. Attention, ladies!

Step 6: Eyeliner

I don’t overdo it with eyeliner in my daily routine, but I’ve found the perfect daytime look with this eye pencil in bronze. It’s neutral enough to be understated, but it still helps my eyes pop and makes me look bright and awake! And ok, full transparency: sometimes on nights out or when I’m doing more, I do still use my sephora conventional liquid eyeliner. If someone has a cleaner liquid black eyeliner they love, holler at me please. 

Step 7: Eyelashes

I always curl my lashes first to get a little lift! Then, I reach for the best natural mascara I’ve found yet, my Ilia mascara– the soft black shade is just enough, and the lengthening formula is perfect. The brush has 2 sides– lengthening or volumizing, and I like a little of both. 

Step 8: Lips

Depending on the day, I love a hydrating tinted lip balm or a fun lipstick shade! When I’m keeping things natural and minima, I  love this tinted lip oil and their tinted balm. I have one in my car, at my desk and one in my makeup bag at all times. 

If it’s a lipstick day, this color block lipstick is so fun, and I love this amazing lip stain (yes, that I always talk about)have me covered! I love both the “fun” and the “joy” colors, because you can layer and it doesn’t come off in 2 seconds. 

That’s it! Quick, easy & simple, with products that work, feel beautiful, and make you feel elevated…. minus the chemicals & toxins that are usually the norm in most common and conventional makeup products. What are some of your favorites?! Tell me below. 

Want to practice some more self-care in the days ahead? Grab this amazing list of 28 easy self-care ideas, to nourish and ground yourself, no matter how much time you have. I pulled together my favorite ideas for under 5 minutes, under 20 minutes or under 1 hour. Screenshot and keep it on your phone, or print it out whenever you’re at a loss (but need a little soul nourishment).