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Morgan Local Superintendent releases statement on strike | News, Sports, Jobs

Morgan Local Superintendent releases statement on strike | News, Sports, Jobs

MCCONNELSVILLE — Dr. Kristin Barker, Morgan Local Schools superintendent, remains hopeful that the union and the district can come to an agreement.

It is important to correct misinformation posted on social media regarding health care insurance during a strike by public workers, said Barker in a statement on Sunday. In any strike by public employees in the State of Ohio, the law prohibits paying striking employees. Ohio law states that “no public employee is entitled to pay or compensation from the public employer for the period engaged in any strike.”

The union is fully aware of this “no work, no pay” law, said Barker. Compensation includes fringe benefits such as health, dental and vision insurance, all provided by Morgan Local School District for employees.

In fact, if the district continues to pay compensation or pays for insurance benefits when employees are on strike and refusing to work, it would be subject to investigation during an audit and a finding for recovery by the State Auditor, said Barker.

Union members who strike may elect to continue their benefits at their own expense (paying the full amount for coverage, of which the Board usually pays 85%) during the pendency of the strike, said Barker.

The district presented a fair and fiscally responsible offer that was rejected by the union membership, who instead elected to go on strike, said Barker. We remain hopeful that we can reach an agreement to end the strike and union members will return to work with full pay and benefits, including the raises offered in each year of the contract.

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Visit https://www.mariettatimes.com/news/local-news/2023/03/morgan-local-schools-to-bring-students-back-tuesday/ to read the most recent story on the strike.

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