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Long-term care: Support for aging at home

Long-term care: Support for aging at home

Re: “Why long-term care insurance falls short for so many: ‘I’m going to need something’ ” [Dec. 3, Business]:

It is undisputed that millions of older Americans want to stay in their own homes as they age. Private long-term care insurance policies may not cover home-health aides, assisted living or other options for help at home for daily living needs.

As cited in the article, Washington state recently started a “first-in the-nation-program” to provide long-term care benefits for residents who pay into a fund. With a maximum benefit of $36,500, it will not come close to covering a year’s worth of care in most assisted living facilities. But it does cover something that most private long-term care insurance companies do not. It provides support for Washingtonians who want to stay in their own homes and have a family member, loved one or a hired home health aide provide care.

Washington state is a leader in providing care and support services so people can age in their homes and communities. And if we live long enough, we are all going to need something.

Zelda Foxall, Seattle