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Karin Beats Colon Cancer

Karin Beats Colon Cancer


In this episode on healthy eating, host Detective Ev welcomes Karin Banghart, CEO of Health Yeah Life and a certified integrative nutrition health coach. Karin opens up about her personal journey with colon cancer and shares valuable insights about self-advocacy, nutrition, and empowering younger generations.

Karin discusses her health symptoms, including gut issues, bloating, and intermittent bleeding, which she experienced since her early twenties. She recalls visiting a doctor for a colonoscopy at age 25, but no abnormalities were found. Over the next two decades, she lived with these symptoms, thinking it was just her body’s normal state.

Detective Ev asks Karin about what triggered her to seek medical attention that eventually led to her colon cancer diagnosis. Karin doesn’t remember the exact reason but acknowledges that she didn’t openly discuss her symptoms due to embarrassment. However, she now advocates for open conversations about gut health to empower others.

Karin explains that her diet played a significant role in her health issues. She describes her family’s eating habits as the standard American diet (SAD), characterized by processed and convenience foods. Karin highlights the lack of nutritional value in such foods and how they contributed to her overall health.

One surprising factor Karin identifies is her consumption of sugar. Despite not considering herself a “sugar fiend” and maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle, she unknowingly consumed large amounts of sugar through everyday items like ketchup and soda. Looking back, Karin realizes the impact that sugar had on her health.

Detective Ev expresses surprise at Karin’s young age and questions her mindset upon receiving the cancer diagnosis. Karin admits feeling overwhelmed and acknowledges the societal expectation that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. However, she emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset and learning from the experience to move forward.

Colon Cancer – Show Notes

This episode sheds light on the significance of paying attention to one’s body and addressing digestive symptoms. Karin’s journey serves as a powerful reminder to prioritize nutrition and make informed choices about what we consume.

Karin reveals that she started her brand Healthy Yeah Life before her cancer diagnosis, as she was already on a health journey, focusing on bettering her body. However, upon being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing colon resection surgery in early 2020, Karin faced new challenges in her dietary choices.

Following surgery, Karin was advised by medical professionals to eat lighter foods such as toast and crackers. However, within a few weeks, she started feeling unwell, experiencing symptoms like bloating, hearing loss, skewed vision, and extreme fatigue. Despite regular CT scans and blood work, her cancer did not show up in her test results.

It was only through a colonoscopy that a one-millimeter tumor was discovered, prompting Karin to realize the importance of paying attention to her body and diet. She explains that she had never experienced the heaviness in her gut and the inflammation in her intestines until she introduced certain foods into her diet after surgery.

Upon her daughter’s suggestion, Karin decided to try a gluten-free diet, which led to significant improvements in her health. However, she also emphasizes the need for education and awareness about the quality of gluten-free options available in the market. Many processed, packaged foods labeled as gluten-free can still be unhealthy due to the presence of additives and seed oils.

Karin delves into the issue of glyphosate, a pesticide found in wheat, corn, and other crops, highlighting the potential impact it may have on our health. She encourages listeners to empower themselves by educating themselves about the ingredients and toxins present in the foods they consume.

Colon Cancer – Conclusion

Throughout the episode, Karin emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, nutrition, and empowering younger generations to make informed choices about their health. Her story serves as an inspiration for listeners to prioritize their well-being and take control of their own journey towards better health.

Colon Cancer – Key Notes

  • Karin Banghart pursued a certification as a nutrition health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) after her own health journey.
  • Detecive Ev and Karin discuss the potential impact of glyphosate on our health and the importance of empowering individuals to make informed choices about their food.
  • Karin shares her personal experience with glyphosate and emphasizes the need to be critical of the products we are exposed to.
  • The conversation highlights the importance of educating younger generations about healthy eating and being mindful of the ingredients in their food.
  • Karin stresses that just because a product is sold in a grocery store or approved by the FDA does not mean it is necessarily healthy.
  • Karin encourages listeners to pay attention to ingredient labels and seek out healthier options aligned with their values.
  • They discuss the influence of profit-focused food manufacturers and the need for consumers to educate themselves about the ingredients they consume.
  • Karin provides advice for new parents, emphasizing the importance of reading ingredients, conducting research, and being mindful of meal planning.
  • Karin also shares her own journey as a cancer survivor and offers guidance and support as an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach.
  • Listeners are directed to Karin’s website, HealthYeahLife.com, where they can find her podcast, blog posts, recipes, and resources.
  • Karin highlights the importance of supporting companies that prioritize healthier ingredients and invites listeners to reach out to her with any questions.

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