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Insurance Claim HQ’s Galen M. Hair Built a Successful Business Through Strong Leadership

Insurance Claim HQ’s Galen M. Hair Built a Successful Business Through Strong Leadership
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Insurance Claim HQ is the New Orleans-based property casualty law firm that Attorney Galen M. Hair founded in 2020. Despite its short tenure, the firm recovered more than $65 million in 2021 alone. For entrepreneurs wondering how Hair managed such an impressive feat in only a few years, his answer is simple: strong leadership and prioritizing the needs of policyholders.

Galen M. Hair
Galen M. Hair
Galen M. Hair

His firm handles exclusively property-casualty insurance cases and serves clients across the country that have suffered from property losses caused by disasters, including fires, hurricanes, floods, and more. What’s even more heartbreaking is that his clients have not suffered just once, they’ve suffered twice. Once, when disaster struck their property, and again when their insurance company denied them the proper payout for their losses.

Insurance Claim HQ works on behalf of these clients and goes up in court against the world’s biggest insurance companies. Leading his team of lawyers, investigators, and administrators, he is known for his work ethic and empathetic approach to management.

“To run a successful business, one must be a strong leader,” said Hair. “This means more than just holding a position of power — it’s about inspiring and motivating others to work towards a shared vision. Leadership skills are essential for success in any business venture, whether you’re leading a team or starting a company from the ground up.”

By creating an atmosphere of support, collaboration and caring, Hair enables trust and kindness amongst his team, who are productive and successful in winning cases and working together toward shared goals.

Leading Staff, Clients, and the Community

Not only does Hair lead his staff in creating their ideal working situations, he’s also helped countless people across the country rebuild their homes and lives. To date, he and his firm have won compensation for over 1,200 families as well as several church congregations that are able to begin rebuilding after receiving the settlements they deserve.

A natural educator and caretaker, Hair is the kind of leader clients are happy to have on their side. He skips the legalese when speaking to clients and helps to simplify and explain the processes, from insurance forms to collecting evidence and court appearances.

Hair and his team are also involved in a number of philanthropic projects that let them give back to the community and country that has made them successful. “The times when we work together on charitable efforts make us a closer team and a happier group of people,” he said.

An Honest Approach

“But,” the empathetic leader shared, “That doesn’t mean there are never hard moments. I hear so many clients say the same things to me, but I never stop feeling their pain. They say, ‘I didn’t know this could happen,’ or ‘I thought the insurance company was on my side,’ and ‘What have my premiums been going toward all these years if they refuse to help me when I need them?” One of the most difficult parts of his job is sharing hard truths with his clients.

“Your insurance company will not treat you fairly in many cases. It isn’t personal. It’s business. Profits drive most things these days,” he said. “You can’t make money by paying out claims. You can plan for certain inevitable losses by calculating things like the rate of fires, but large catastrophic events change the actuarial tables and threaten an insurance company’s overall profitability. Moreover, the reality is that there is a machine built to adjust claims without much room for human empathy or compassion.”

It’s hard for many clients to hear that their insurance company may act as more of an adversary than an ally when disaster strikes.

Sharing His Story

Perhaps what makes Hair uniquely suited to his job and admirably empathetic in his approach to it is that he has also been the victim of disaster.

In 2020, Hurricane Zeta hit his own home, causing significant damage and difficulty. He always brings those feelings to the fore when hearing a heartbreaking story from a new client.

For this reason, he’s also shown extra care when his own staff has suffered. Living in a region where natural disasters occur regularly, a few of his staff have also had disasters strike their properties. Hair is always sure to offer ample time off and has gone as far as to pay for temporary housing, day-to-day costs, and living expenses for his employees.

To the successful leader, working together to share triumphs and tragedies is just one of the ways to build a content and loyal team.

About Galen M Hair

Galen M Hair, Owner at Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney who has helped over 1,200 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Click here to learn more about protecting your property from disaster: http://www.insuranceclaimhq.com