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Infused Oniol Oil For Luscious Hair – Earth Raga Changes The Haircare Game

Infused Oniol Oil For Luscious Hair – Earth Raga Changes The Haircare Game

Everyone needs luscious hair that flows freely in the wind. The teenage me was blessed with thick and long hair without even doing anything to care for it. It shamelessly grew like a desperate lover putting up with the ill-treatment of the toxic partner. Yes, I was thankless. I never took care of my hair and alas! My hair gave up on me. After my three pregnancies, whatever relation I had with my hair broke. That’s when I knew about a new herbal formula that was introduced into the world of hair care -Onion oil. Onion Oil benefits are so much so that we will be surprised to see the lost strands grow back. How is infused onion oil so helpful for your hair follicles?

Infused Onion Oil

Infused Onion Oil Benefits

Onion oil has been in use as a remedy for headaches, respiratory illness, blading, etc. The onset of technology and the human tendency to cultivate a predisposition towards anything instantly changed everything. The relevance of onion oil just shrunk to oblivion. Of late, the benefits of onion oils have started to surprise everyone, and products with infused onion oil have been on the rise. Here are the main benefits

Improved hair growth

Onion oil is rich in antioxidants. They in turn reduce wear and tear in our body, hair being a part. This implies that onion oil helps the hair follicles grow back.

Dandruff control

Sulphur present in onion oils helps in hair growth and development. It enhances the blood flow to your hair follicles. This makes the hair thick and strong. It helps in curing bacterial infection and dandruff.

Prevents early greying

The nutrients in Onion prevent the cells from oxidizing and hence prevent early greying.

Added shine to your hair

Regular use of onion oil adds a natural shine to your hair.

No more split ends

My hair used to have severe split ends which make them look unhealthy and poorly maintained. The goodness of onion oil helps us in managing this.

Products with infused onion oil

With the increasing awareness about the goodness of onion oil. there are various hair care products with infused onion oil. However, more often than not, they will be laden with chemicals and lack the goodness of onion oil. Since I have ventured into the wellness lifestyle, I have been a supporter of all Vegan products. Hence, while opting for a skincare or haircare product, I would prefer plant-derived products. My search for authentic plant-derived products ended in Earth Raga, an ayurvedic skincare brand that is committed to nature.

Their products are ethically sourced and their commitment to the planet and ecosystem is commendable. Their Onion Hair cleansing shampoo and Onion Hair conditioner are goodness compressed into a bottle. In addition to onion oil, the shampoo has plant keratin that prevents frizz, rosemary oil, almond oil, and ginger extract. In the conditioner, aloe vera extract, plant keratin, and pea protein are an addition to onion oil.


I have very thin and dry hair. It has been a month since I started using the shampoo and conditioner by Earth Raga with infused onion oil. My hair has started looking considerably healthy and bouncy. It has gained its natural shine back. There are no more split ends and dryness. I also bought Ubtan Turmeric Sunscreen SPF 50 matte. The cream is lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin. My face started having less tan since I started using this sunscreen. The USP of the sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave any stickiness.


Overall what I have noticed about the Earth Raga products is that they are committed to nurturing the planet as well as the customers. Try the products by Earth Raga which contain infused onion oil and let us know the results. Let your hair have the goodness of onion oil and let the strands grow relentlessly. Flaunt your tresses because you earned it this time.