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How to set your Fitness Goal for 2023?

How to set your Fitness Goal for 2023?

Fitness Goal New Year Resolution

I believe many of us set staying fit as our New Year’s Resolution.  But why new year’s resolution are hard to keep? It’s primarily because you don’t set a realistic target.

If you set SMART Fitness Goals, you can achieve it.

Setting SMART Fitness Goal

Let’s now take a new year resolution which will help us to stay healthy and fit. Getting a perfect body shape is not a big deal!!! Let’s see how to achieve it.

Smart Fitness Goal New Year Resolution

  1. Be specific: First of all don’t set generic goals; always be specific. So, in this year, be specific if you want to lose weight/ inches or you want to gain weight depending on your BMI. If you are already maintaining the right BMI then focus on strengthening your muscles are getting perfect body shape.
  2. Measurable: Sometimes, adding a number is all you need to achieve your goal with dedication. So, if you want to lose or gain weight, define how much.
  3. Attainable: After setting a meaningful number set sort-term goals and long term goals.
    Short Term Goal: For Instance, I will lose 2 kgs of weight in one month.
    Long Term Goal: I will lose 10 kgs of weight in 6 months.
    The key to achieving any long-term goal is to first start with achieving short term goals in the same path.
  4. Relevant: As I said before, set goals which suits your body. Set goals which is totally relevant to your body like you want to increase weight or reduce weight or increase muscle or six packs.
  5. Time bound: Opting for a healthy lifestyle takes time and efforts but your goals of getting and staying fit should include a deadline too. While setting your goal, you must keep in mind the specifications of it.
    Don’t set unrealistic targets like “I want to lose 10 kgs in a month”. Set meaningful numbers like “I want to reduce 2 kgs in first month”. Sounds realistic right? This realistic target doesn’t disappoint you at the end of the month. It in turn helps you to stay motivated.

Additional Fitness Tips:


Setting new year resolution is a easy thing but following is very difficult. Don’t come up with a number of explanations or excuses at the end of the year. Just forget the failures of the past, and approach this year with only positive thoughts in mind. By following these SMART fitness goals.

Stay focused!!! Stay Motivated!!!